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David-from-Charlotte David-from-Charlotte 5 years
@Annie Scudder, My wife and I enjoyed sitting with you at the convention in Charlotte and hearing your perspectives on the RNC and DNC. Hope you had a great return flight and got some rest!
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 5 years
 @David from Charlotte Thank you! 
GingerTop GingerTop 5 years
Oh... sorry for the type o's in the last comment but one more thing I wanted to point out that everyone else seems oblivious to... WHY DOES OBAMA NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE HIS SPEECHES FOR HIM OR A TELE PROMPTER?  Everything he says should come from THE HEART and HIS OWN MIND not some person with a degree in writing and psychology.  If they are someone else's words then they are not your own and they mean NOTHING.  Back in the day when Presidents gave speeches, that's WHY they gave speeches... it was to inform the people on what was going on and to see the true character of the person they chose to lead them... all this STORY TELLING of today is BS.  It should be looked upon negatively like lip synching or Plagiarism.
GingerTop GingerTop 5 years
Something is mentally wrong with die hard Democrats and Republicans of today... it's THEIR way or no way and they are bitterly against ANYONE who doesn't shower them with love and admiration for just THEIR PARTY.  WHO ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO BE TRYING TO HELP???  Everyone in American maybe or you would think?  Yet instead of talking about what they can do to make the future better, all I hear is them do is wasting their time by talking bad about the other party and making excuses about why they couldn't do any better, always blaming the last party in office.. I wonder who Obama will blame if he wins this year and 4 yrs later we are still in the toilet? He will blame the Republican party and all of his "followers" will nod their head in agreement... and we will have gotten NO WHERE.   The promises he made will not have been kept and he will say it's because he couldn't because of the last President... If that were true they WHY MAKE THE FALSE CLAIMS OF SALVATION JUST TO GET VOTES???  Wake up people, it's not like you have to be a drone and not have a mind to think and speak for yourself.  Like Brad Pitt said just the other day... "WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS FOR EVERYONE ELSE, THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA... AND REALLY THE POLITICAL CANDIDATES DISAPPOINT THE HELL OUT OF ME"... for once I totally agree with Brad!
noelle3834 noelle3834 5 years
I think it's really stupid celebrities have to be a democrat...or else. What are we a cult? With the way things have been dealt with with Obama in office, whatever he has to say is BULL****.
David-from-Charlotte David-from-Charlotte 5 years
Great posts, Annie!
popfaninMD popfaninMD 5 years
The DNC last night was powerfully moving.  The celebrities that supported Pres. Obama and VP Biden were great!  Kerry, Scarlett and Eva were great!  These are the thankful and humble 1%.  James Taylor and Mary J. too!
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