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Cell Phone Use May Affect Sperm

Many people think men have it a lot easier than women when it comes to making babies, but they have to do their part as well — especially when it comes to taking care of their sperm, since so many things can affect them. Eating soy may decrease their sperm count, spending too much time in hot tubs can also have the same effect (although temporarily), and now men have to worry about their cell phones. Yep, it's true. Cell phones are believed to be safe enough to use every day, but now a new study suggests that guys who put their phones in their pockets (on talk mode) while using a headset may have a decrease in the quality of their sperm. It has something to do with their precious business being exposed to cell phone emissions.

To hear the details about the connection between sperm and cell phones,


In this small study, several semen samples (from 32 men) were divided into a control group and a test group. The test group semen was placed 2.5 centimeters from an 850 MHz cell phone in talk mode for one hour (850 MHz is the most commonly used frequency). Researchers found that there was a decrease in antioxidants, which means a decrease in the sperm's quality — the little guys couldn't move with as much agility, and they weren't as strong of swimmers as the sperm in the control group.

Since this was a fairly small study, representatives from cell phone companies are not giving it much merit and men aren't being advised to change their cell phone habits. But if I were a guy, and starting a family was something in my future, I'd definitely find a new place to lay my phone — far away from my boys!


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