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Center For American Progress Political Quiz: How Conservative or Progressive Are You?

Political Barometer: How Conservative or Progressive Are You?

With over two-thirds of Americans favoring progressive ideals, America seems to be getting bluer by the year. We are center-left on government, the economy, and domestic politics, but a little less so on cultural and social issues, according to a 2009 survey.

Because there's nary a better way to define yourself than with a quiz, the Center For American Progress has 40 questions to measure how conservative or progressive you are. Zero is the most conservative, and the scale goes on up to 400, the most progressive.

America's average? 209.5. Now go take it and tell us where you land.

Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
67...*phew!* I was worried :)
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
185. I didn't know I was a conservative until I took the quiz. LOL.
milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
I got a 261. I was a little surprised it was so high, but it is true that I am left-leaning.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I think I stated this earlier, but some people may have missed it. The map shows how much more blue a state has become since 2004. (Using the 2004 and 2008 presidential races, I believe.) It doesn't show how blue or red a state currently swings.
kasey009 kasey009 8 years
64/400! I'm one of the lowest and most conservative :) yeah and that mostly blue map is all messed up. Not true at all
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
204/400, not too surprised.
MrsRachel MrsRachel 8 years
95/400 And proud of it!
jessy777 jessy777 8 years
I completely agree with the above posts that this poll is completely loaded. It is like taking a Cosmo Quiz, based on the responses you know what score your answer will receive. It would be nice to find an unbiased poll that doesn't have a hidden agenda.
jessy777 jessy777 8 years
265/400 - very progressive, which isn't a surprise. I am sure I can mark which questions lowered my score. I score more conservative on questions about big government and increased taxes everytime.
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 8 years
Somewhere around the 230-240 mark.
beavis667 beavis667 8 years
Given that the other questions seemed to be loaded toward Bush foreign policy, I took that as the context. They don't necessarily have anything to do with being conservative or liberal. However, you make a good point that without explicitly putting these questions into a context, and using loaded words, you have a pretty bunk poll.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
29. We should do whatever is necessary to protect America from terrorism, even if it means restricting civil liberties and engaging in some methods that some might consider torture. The question is without context. If you agree, I would ask, you can’t be serious, ‘what is ‘serious”. You mean for perfect security you would allow cameras in every room in every building and every home? Require all forms of communication go through a screening by a federal agency? Of course not. If you disagree, then I would ask you, having my bags inspected before I get on a plane , or get on a subway is an invasion of privacy. Do you really believe they should cease? One person could consider listening to Rush Limbaugh all day without respite torture, another a televangelist, another Jane Fonda. There is always some who will find something torture.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
23. Talking to rogue nations such as Iran or with state sponsored terrorist groups is naive and only gives them legitimacy. It is loaded because it forces because the talking is not what gives the legitimacy, it is the level of the talks and the purpose. You have informal talks (plausible deniability), messages are exchanged between intermediaries at “low levels”, the level moves up to the level of Secty of State, once you have a firm commitment from both sides, does the “talking’ reach the presidential level. The question as written leaves you with the impression that if you agree you do not believe in any communication, yet. If folks disagree as I would, based on the above, some liberals would use the poll question to justify formal and even presidential meetings without a preagreed positive outcome. Look how the Russians embarrassed the president by publically turning down a letter from the president that linked stopping the building of anti missile missiles in eastern Europe to Russian cooperation in reining in Iran.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
here is a neutral wording of : "2. The war in Iraq has proven that the US can't impose Democracy on other nations." Agree or disagree: 2. Given the time and the commitment the US can create the conditions that brings a democratic form of government where there was none before. Using the war in Iraq, and the word impose are loaded words.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
75/400. And Texas is RED.
beavis667 beavis667 8 years
2. The war in Iraq has proven that the US can't impose Democracy on other nations. How is that liberal or conservative? Is war a conservative value? Is Democracy a conservative value? Was Clinton sending troops to Kosovo a liberal move? This question has more to do with Bush's policies than liberalism or conservatism . Bush's conservativism started and ended with social policy. 23. Talking to rogue nations such as Iran or with state sponsored terrorist groups is naive and only gives them legitimacy. Again, how is this liberal or conservative? It was the Bush policy to ignore those groups, but that was his policy, and I don't see how that is liberal or conservative. This poll is more of a referendum on Bush than a gauge for conservative and liberal values. 29. We should do whatever is necessary to protect America from terrorism, even if it means restricting civil liberties and engaging in some methods that some might consider torture. Again, how does this determine whether you are conservative or liberal? If anything, conservatives *tend* to be constructionists. It was a Bush policy to engage in warrantless wiretaps that involved a non citizen with no rights under our Constitution, and an American whose liberties we trampled with that policy. Plenty of liberals want to take away our civil liberty to own guns for the sake of protection. I don't know any conservatives who think we should sacrifice liberty for safety. Bush's policy did, and too many of us give him a pass on that because he kept us safe. Whatever the case, that question is possibly the worst of all of them in clearly establishing someone as a conservative or liberal. Again, it's more of a referendum on Bush's policies which were socially conservative and fiscally liberal. I'm pretty sure my 7 year old son could come up with a more fair and accurate poll than this.
stephley stephley 8 years
From people like Jim Cramer? The margin of difference is fairly insignificant.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
"Center for American Progress".... to the left. :) Steph - I was looking at it in terms of the median. People who get their news from TV are closer to the median then those who don't.
beavis667 beavis667 8 years
FWIW, I think that was very skewed to the left. One could hardly consider that poll credible, especially considering its sponsors. I mean really, Texas is blue? I know ND isn't blue. The Pew Research center's most recent poll results don't match "The Center for American Progress" (which makes me laugh). Here's a link:
beavis667 beavis667 8 years
50/400 I make Rush Limbaugh blush.
smashedpotatoe13 smashedpotatoe13 8 years
178... not surprised :)
gidigirl gidigirl 8 years
stephley stephley 8 years
It's random to toss it out a comment without the numbers since there's so much information to look at. So here: "people who get their news and information from Internet sources and blogs (221.1) are more progressive than those who get their news from national or local television (203.4 and 209.6, respectively)." But the stats don't support the claim: "Its interesting that the people who get their news primarily from blogs are HEAVILY left while those who get it from TV are more in the middle." 221/400 hardly counts as heavily left compared to 203 -209/400. If 221 is heavily left, 400 would have to be 'so left it's right.'
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