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Cervical Fluid: It's Totally Normal

Cervical Fluid: It's Totally Normal

I'm sure you've all noticed some wetness down there in your lady business — maybe you thought it was some kind of an infection, but then miraculously, it goes away, right? Well that's your cervical fluid, and it's not an infection at all. It's actually totally normal, and if you take notice of it in the weeks leading up to your period, you'll be able to tell when you're the most fertile. Your cervical fluid will become progressively wetter as you approach ovulation.

To check your cervical fluid, you're going to need to get pretty intimate with your lady parts. In the privacy of your own home, slide your index and middle finger just at the beginning of the vaginal opening. Glance away so you can feel the sensation. Is it creamy? Dry? Sticky? Slippery? The answer will give you great insight into what's happening inside your body.

To check out a chart explaining the difference between each kind of cervical fluid


Type of Cervical Fluid Explanation
Menses This is your menstrual fluid. It's red or dark brown in color, and very wet.
Spotting This is when you're period is almost over. It's brownish in color, sometimes streaky, and sometimes thick and sticky.
Nothing It's dry. No cervical fluid is present. You may feel dampness on your finger, but it quickly evaporates.
Sticky It's opaque white or slightly yellow in color, and occasionally clear. It can be fairly thick. It has a sticky quality, or rather no wetness. It may be crumbly or flaky like paste, or gummy and rubbery like rubber cement.
Creamy It's milky or cloudy, white or yellowish in color. It'll feel creamy like lotion, wet, watery, or thin.
Egg White It's usually clear, but it can have opaque streaks in it. It's extremely slippery and wet, like raw egg whites. You'll have a lubricative feeling at your vaginal opening, and it can stretch from one to 10 inches.

I know this is a lot of info to digest, so tune in tomorrow to find out what your cervical fluid is trying to tell you.


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