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Ceylor Condom Ad With Cop Patting Down Driver

Condom Ads: Not Everything Can Make It in America

If Don Draper was alive, ever, and less homophobic, he would make this ad. Condom ads seem to be evolving, becoming less overt and more imaginative, like the sperm cartoon ad we saw last week. But this Ceylor condom ad, from an agency in Switzerland, really takes it to a new level.

I'd explain what's happening here — Copyranter calls it "rear-end interrogation" — but it would sound vulgar. That's what so great about it! Any passerby would keep right on walking, while the target audience — young gay men who like to live on the edge (i.e. drive fast?) — would most definitely pick up what's being put down.

Unfortunately, this ad would never make it in America, except maybe (big maybe) in the gayest neighborhoods. And that's a shame. I'd rather look at a cryptically explicit ad than a completely obvious one any day.

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