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Champagne and Candy Engagement Shoot

This Couple Used Their Engagement Shoot as an Excuse to Drink Champagne and Eat Candy

Champagne and Candy Engagement Shoot
Image Source: Feather + North

Two high-school sweethearts, a Champagne bar, and a candy store — it really doesn't get any sweeter than that. Long before POPSUGAR Trending and Viral Features editor Brinton and her fiancé, Christopher, got engaged, the two went to the same small-town school growing up. Even though their little brothers were best friends from an early age, they never really spent time around one another.

"I always thought he was a cutie, but didn't get to know him until high school," Brinton told POPSUGAR. "He's a great actor and was pretty involved in our school's drama program, so after I tried out for the school play, he came up to me in the hallway to tell me that I'd done a great job. (He lied, dear reader . . . I'd done a terrible job.)"

Christopher landed the lead part while Brinton was cast in a background role, but it allowed them to spend plenty of time together over the course of the play. A couple months later, he asked her parents if he could date her, and the rest is history.

"Nearly a decade — and a full term of military service, college, and several new career journeys later — we're engaged and living together with our three adorably dysfunctional rescue pets," Brinton said. "I can't wait to marry him!"

While planning their engagement shoot, Brinton sent their photographer, Alyssa from Feather + North, a long list of their favorite spots in San Francisco. Eventually, they settled on shooting around the Hayes Valley neighborhood and doing their favorite things: drinking Rosé and eating candy. The folks over at Brinton's favorite Champagne bar, The Riddler, even allowed them to come sip some bubbly and take their photos before business hours. Afterward, Christopher and Brinton snapped photos around the area, eventually landing at Miette, a pastel pink candy store that was equally as photogenic as the bar.

Though the couple's entire shoot was straight out of a dream, some of Brinton's favorite shots were actually taken in their apartment before heading into the city for their session. On a whim, Alyssa grabbed a few photos of the two in their natural element, and they turned out perfectly.

"After we changed outfits, I had a hard time putting on my shoe," Brinton said. "Alyssa snapped a covert photo of me leaning against our car while Christopher helped fasten the buckle, and it makes me smile every time I see it!"

And aside from the glasses of Champagne that helped loosen them up, all the smiles and laughs throughout their shoot were never forced.

"At one point, our photographer told Christopher to 'whisper sweet nothings' in my ear," she said. "Naturally, he started reciting 'The Whisper Song' by the Ying Yang Twins word-for-word instead, so every laugh you see from that part of the shoot is 100 percent genuine!"

Congrats to the adorable couple who's tying the knot in April 2018! See their photos.

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