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Champion Cheese Carver Sculpts the Statue of Liberty

Best. Aphrodisiac. Ever.

All other dudes need to give up and go home cuz there's no trumping Troy Landwehr's sex appeal. His secret? A 1,200-pound block of cheese. Imagine the loads of nachos a gal could make with that kind of cheddar. Troy happened to have one lying around (which officially makes him the man of my dreams) and carved it into the friggin' Statue of Liberty. If he can throw in a bag of chips and some jalapenos, we just might be able to make this relationship work.

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liltandweave liltandweave 9 years
I'm going to prove a stereotype here and state that Troy warms my little Wisconsinite heart. I hope it's some good stuff and not that grocery store crap.
Collaroy Collaroy 9 years
Wow, I'm really amazed- he resisted the temptation to eat that 1200 pound block of cheese and created a thing of beauty instead! But wait- what happened with the bits he carved off?? Hmm... Anway, he should put "Troy Landwehr, Champion Chees Carver" on his business card, it has a certain ring to it. Actually, he probably did.
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