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Changing Your Name After Marriage

Things We Do For Love: Will You Change Your Last Name?

The only way I will change my name for marriage is if the trade is up. I'm talking a better surname than my current one: three syllables and a regal ring required. Maybe something like Chenowith, Fitzgerald, Vanderbilt? But even now, as I consider those names, none sound right because none are mine.

Besides the sentimental value of a name you've had your whole life and the logistics of making a new name to stick, a study found a new problem with taking your husband's name. Name-changing women are not only perceived as less intelligent, competent, and ambitious, but they are also likely to earn less.

The study acknowledges its shortcomings — a small sample of students at a Dutch university — so it's impossible to say if this is true across the board and around the world. Yet I've known several women who go by their husband's name outside the office, but their maiden name inside it. So I wouldn't say the findings are entirely off base.

Will you — or have you — said I do to a new you?

Source: Flickr User mezzoblue

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