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Charles Ommanney Says He Wishes He Didn't Do Real Housewives of DC

Well Said: Real Husband of DC Faces Reality

"I have very few regrets in my life, but this is the one."

— Successful photojournalist Charles Ommanney, who appears on The Real Housewives of DC, has divorced his wife of two years and fled DC. He tells the New York Times that he refuses to watch the show featuring him and his ex-wife Catherine. He's also distraught that when you google his name, all you get are reality TV rumors. What did he expect?

Photo courtesy of Bravo

PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 7 years
not surprised. I don't want to watch this show because of her. Her deep, manly voice is annoying. And her convo about the presidents was like, wow. Ugh, I wish they would drop her, danielle from nj, and kelly from ny.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
Hahah I can't really feel bad for people who regret doing reality TV. They clearly thought the money and attention was worth it. And even if he was doing it for his wife... well he married her, I'm pretty sure her character has always been this fucked up.
cotedazur cotedazur 7 years
After reading the NYTimes article, I really felt bad for this guy. It seemed from the article that he agreed to do it only to make his wife happy, and the situation blew up in his face. He came across as such an intelligent and genuine person and not at all what you would expect from "Real Housewives" reality programs.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
I have one thing and one thing only to say when it comes to the Real Housewives: Truly classy people don't put themselves in such a vulgar situation. And name dropping is just a bad idea. When you tell people your husband hangs out with "Barack" (and don't even refer to him as the President) you need Barack more than Barack needs you.
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