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Elections in Italy are only two months away, and an unexpected issue — abortion — has now taken center stage. Thirty years ago, the Catholic country legalized abortion. But just last week, an intense situation at a Naples hospital sparked pro-choice rallies across the country.

In what is being described as an anti-mafia type raid, Naples police stormed a hospital after getting word that a woman had had an abortion after the legal cut off. Police interrogated the woman who was still under anesthesia from the procedure, and seized the terminated fetus. In fact, the woman was only 21 weeks along, within the 24 week cut off.

Pro-choice Italians are not the only ones getting fired up about the issue. Giuliano Ferrara, a conservative journalist and close ally of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, recently began using his newspaper as a platform for his pro-life position. He announced that he will seek election to parliament in April, and will be running on an anti-abortion platform.

Obviously abortion is a controversial and touchy subject spurring passionate opinions. But, how do you feel about how police handled the situation in Naples? Is there any way to police alleged late abortions? And, also — what do you think about politicians running on a single issue, whether it be anti-abortion, or anti-war? Would you vote for a politician who promised to address the issue most important to you, even if you disagreed with him or her on the rest?


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