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Check This: CNN Uses Blogs and Facebook to Cover Tornadoes

I guess it's true: We really are person of the year. This morning, while covering the devastation caused by the tornadoes that ripped through the mid-south, CNN relied on reporting from some very personal sources: Facebook and blogs. Using pictures of upturned cars posted on local Facebook pages and reading a posting from the blog Sassy Southerner to report the story, CNN pulled together a very eyewitness account, using no formal reportage.

With the death toll now reaching at least 52, President Bush has pledged aid to the states affected. The storms also ravaged Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

It's a big story to be sure, with many affected — my question is this: Is CNN enhancing the telling of the story with these eyewitness accounts, or is reporting the news best left to the journalists? Did a Sassy Southerner tell the story better than a Wolf Blitzer?


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