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Check This: Canada Puts US on Torture List

A new Canadian manual warns diplomats that prisoners in the US are at risk of torture. The internal document also cites Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Israel on the same torture list.

According to the BBC:

The manual lists US interrogation techniques such as forced nudity, isolation, sleep deprivation, and the blindfolding of prisoners under "definition of torture."

The US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, where a Canadian is being held, is also mentioned.

On Saturday, Canada's foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier called the document "wrong" and stated:

I regret the embarrassment caused by the public disclosure of the manual used in the department’s torture awareness training. It contains a list that wrongly includes some of our closest allies. I have directed that the manual be reviewed and rewritten.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the US government has been under international and domestic scrutiny for its interrogation practices, often being accused of torture. I find this latest charge especially worrisome, since it was leveled for practical and not political reasons. America should do everything it can to show that it is well within long-accepted standards of international law.

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