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This morning I saw the latest Gallup poll showing Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama 49 to 42 percent among national Democratic voters. This got me thinking — what is going on with the Dems?!

Even people inside Hillary Clinton's campaign acknowledge that there is no way she can win more pledged delegates, and it is nearly impossible for her to secure a popular-vote victory. So, the only way she can win is if the superdelegates decide that they know best, and effectively take the nomination from Barack Obama.

The people over at the Politico, argue that journalists "have become partners with the Clinton campaign in pretending the contest is closer than it really is." This narrative seems to be working with the polled voters, who apparently think Clinton still has a realistic, and responsible, chance. To see how I really feel,


This has nothing to do with who I'm voting for, but can Hillary really see this working out? Another poll just showed that one in five Democrats will defect to McCain if their candidate doesn't win the nomination. That's Democrats, not independents! The primary season may be driving a dangerous wedge through the party. Al Gore, where are you?!

Am I overreacting here? Perhaps this is how the system is designed to work, and once the Democratic candidates are tested, the winner will come out stronger. Perhaps, the superdelegates do consider other important factors that will help the Democrats win. I just don't buy it. What about you?

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