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Most of you were against using children as political billboards, but what about introducing kids to partisan politics using colorful childrens books? The "Little Democrat" books use, what the author calls, plain and nonjudgmental language to depict "the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, equality, and concern for the well-being of others." Author Jeremy Zilber hopes his books will inspire a new generation to be involved and informed.

Here are some example pages:

  • "Democrats make sure we all are safe, just like mommy does."
  • "Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like mommy does."

  • "Sometimes the Earth feels a little sick. Democrats make it feel better again."

I think it's important to learn about social and political issues at a young age. If parents can send children to religious schools, what's so different about sharing passionate political beliefs?

Do you think that the "Little Democrat" books are simply sharing, or does it sound more like brainwashing?


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chancleta chancleta 9 years
not cool dude not cool
SarahSalinas SarahSalinas 9 years
Majority of the time, I lean more towards the "liberal" or Democratic side if you will...but never would I ever show my children these! Ridiculous!
bofangels bofangels 9 years
"And Mommy think Whites are supreme...just like the Democrats did." I think our two party system has changed a lot since either party was founded. Being a Democrat before does not necessarily mean the same as being a Democrat now. We can't really put any general ideals under the label "Democrat".
janneth janneth 9 years
The book I am waiting to buy is "Why My Two Mommies Are Democrat".
cine_lover cine_lover 9 years
One more thing, If you think you have too much money, or "enough" in life, then by all means give it to the government. I on the other hand, will give it to charities of my choosing. 3m- I am sort of your mentor ;)
mymellowman mymellowman 9 years
Barry Goldwater to the rescue!
cine_lover cine_lover 9 years
"And if that means taking a little from those who have a lot, and employing the elected officials to do so, then so be it." MSucre- Who determines who has " a lot" or "enough"? You? Me? The homeless-man down the road? If it is the elected officials who get to determine who has enough, and how to redistribute the wealth, that is power I am not willing to give. Who are you to tell me that I have had enough or I don't need more? My money is MY property. And you and the government have no right to take as much as YOU deem the appropriate amount. My family has been involved in the welfare system for 40 years, and have seen the vicious cycle of poverty and welfare. I want to teach a man to fish, where it seems to me, that Liberals want to give a man a fish.
cine_lover cine_lover 9 years
"anyway, as far as brainwashing is concerned - conservatives have the bible"- I really really don't know how many times I have to say this, or for that matter how many times it needs to be mentioned on this thread, but maybe if I put this in capitals, someone will read it, CONSERVATIVE DOES NOT MEAN RELIGIOUS RIGHT!!! Before you make an accusation that all Conservatives are Christian and live by the Bible, maybe I don't know, pick up a book and educate yourself on the different political groups.
mymellowman mymellowman 9 years
Yesteryear - I'm going to blow your mind: Just because someone is conservative doesn't make them religious. Please educate yourself on what a conservative is before you make a bible reference in the future. Thanks you.
mymellowman mymellowman 9 years
Tres - I'm not saying every Democrat is a true socialist, but most all Democrats support socialistic programs. The more socialistic programs, you have, the closer you're getting to socialism. MSucre - I too have enjoyed this debate with you, as goes with these topics, it sparks much thought and, hopefully, is not just an asset to us, but others who stumble this way. "But, everytime you come back to "big government" this and "big government" that, I miss your point." - As you said, I do not believe Democrats want big government for the heck of it. It is a result of creation of social programs of which the Federal Government has no legal right to do. The reason I have been on this Big Government issue is that you said "Liberals do not think that the government knows better than individuals." but then "Liberals want a big brother who wants to make sure that everyone has enough to eat before we go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths." This is what I can not grasp or understand: You say government doesn't know better than the individual, but you want government control to things like food and education, which means you believe the government knows or does better than the individual. I, on the other hand, believe that when we have a small government that does not try to control people's lives, that people take care of people. All in all, we didn't start down this road to Socialism until, and you can thank you himself, FDR. That means we, as a nation, made it quite a long time without socialistic programs and even strived as a nation.
remedios remedios 9 years
This is funny. A children's book is getting people all worked up. Is it really even a children's book? I could see this and mymellowman's Republican counterpart being sold at Urban Outfitters before the B&N kids section. Hilarity.
yesteryear yesteryear 9 years
i find it ironic that everyone who is accusing these books of brainwashing kids would probably teach these very same values to their children. sharing is good. taking care of the earth is good. treating everyone equally is good. is this brainwashing? its teaching children the values that we all try to live by. anyway, as far as brainwashing is concerned - conservatives have the bible and now the rest of us have the "little democrat" books. personally, i'm thrilled! i think president bush probably is too - finally something written in terms he can understand.
MSucre MSucre 9 years
Mellowman, I think you have a lot of great ideas. And I like bantering like this, it's provocative. But, everytime you come back to "big government" this and "big government" that, I miss your point. Of course you don't think that Democrats just want to make a big government for the heck of it, for the sole purpose of having a big, bumbling, ineffective bureaucracy. The point is to protect people from market failures and to protect standards of living that hard working citizens of a country as rich as ours should enjoy!
MSucre MSucre 9 years
""Some people win the birth lottery" - And others work hard to move ahead in life. I don't come from a rich family and have worked hard to get to where I am (which is currently a place largely in debt with no health insurance)but it is my place to be." I agree that our government allows for some people who didn't win the birth lottery to work hard and get ahead, to "pull themselves up from their bootstraps," if you will. I agree with that. But I have also concluded (after working in downtown San Jose, with coal miners in West Virginia, and with hurricane victims in Mississippi) that some people's bootstraps are simply not as long as others. I've seen hard, hard, hard working people who have just not been able to pull themselves up because, just because. And so for that reason I vote democrat. My priority is neither big business nor big government, but just people. And if that means taking a little from those who have a lot, and employing the elected officials to do so, then so be it.
MSucre MSucre 9 years
OMG quick Liberty write an article about seatbelts...
trésjolie1 trésjolie1 9 years
"seat belt law is for insurance companies" is the silliest thing I ever heard. It for your own and others safety. If you don't wear a seat belt you are pretty darn nuts. Secondly, Democrats aren't socialists, just like Republicans aren't religious rights. They are minorities within their respective parties. Having two party system means that there are vast differences between Democrats and Democrats. I know that the parties and policies are founded upon two distinct different platforms, but no one person's view is the same; and I don't like being categorized as a socialist either way, just like I'm sure not many like the term hillbilly Republican or Bushie if applied everywhere and on anyone.
peepshow peepshow 9 years
bethany21 bethany21 9 years
Um, I'm going to call brainwashing on this crap. I know it's naive of me, but I really hope that by the time my kids are old enough to read we will have dropped the two-party system altogether. And, quite frankly, the similarities between the two parties these days make any sort of display of their differences laughable.
briglass briglass 9 years
It seems like finding out you are a liberal or a conservative is the result of inductive reasoning. We accumulate attitudes and typical behaviors, and one day we realize through reflection that we are liberal or conservative, in a bottom-up way. And, I don't believe children are as able to make the distinction between Mommy/Daddy/Self as well as some people think.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Just another two quick comments on the seatbelt laws before I get to work: Mandy (and Bastille), I am agree with you that these laws are essentially lobby-driven. I was just pointing out that it is impossible to say that these laws have NOTHING to do with morality. Cine_lover just pointed out in the last comment that by not wearing a seat belt, an individual caused someone else's life to be taken. The sanctity of life is definitely viewed as a moral issue by many. (not all) And cine_love, that is a horrible story. I hope your story can encourage others to buckle up for their own safety and the safety of others.
cine_lover cine_lover 9 years
Just a little PSA on the seatbelt law. About a year ago on the road by my parents house there was a car accident. One of the people was not wearing a seatbelt, flew out the windshield, hit another cars windshield, causing that car to hit a telephone poll killing the new mother inside. Wearing a seatbelt is more about responsibility and realizing it is not only your life you are protecting.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
When I was about 9 I remember asking my Dad the difference between Democrats and Republicans. His answer was that Democrats focus on people first and Republicans focus on business first. He said that neither way was wrong, it's just a different way of looking at the world. For example, in the minimum wage dispute, Democrats tend to look first at how it helps the working people and Republicans tend to look at how it affects businesses. Each side of the coin influences the other and I think that the political process would be a lot more efficient if we could just acknowledge that we have different perspectives on things instead of viciously attacking each other. I can't resist commenting on the seatbelt issue. Those laws are in place because insurance companies want to pay out less on claims. I think as an individual, you have the right to not wear a seat belt. But, the more insurance companies pay out, the more we all pay for coverage. So, it comes down to lowering the risk and financial cost for everyone. I don't see where morals come into play on this at all.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Bastille, I just read your most recent comment. And I do agree that these books may be OK as a starting point for older children. As I don't have any children yet (and you do), I'm sure you would know more about what types of materials are appropriate for which age groups. I just don't think younger children necessarily need to be introduced to politics. P.S. Given the tone of some of my comments, I want to clarify that I am being serious when I state that you would probably know more about which materials would be best for children of certain ages. I didn't mean this to be sarcastic.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Actually, Bastille, I do in fact understand what you call the difference between making an argument and making a point. When I (incorrectly, I admit (I don't have a problem admitting when I have made a mistake.)) typed that "all laws are based on morals," I was using that statement to make the point that abortion laws are not the only laws with some sort of moral basis, which was my main argument. This point supported the argument. And I understand that the "as much as does" statement in your comment does modify the previous statement, however, you did use the word "nothing" nonetheless. You have proven my point that the word nothing was the incorrect word to use. Actually, you have pointed out the fact that you contradicted yourself in your own comment. I just wanted to point out that if you want people to be careful in the words they choose, you should extend others the same courtesy. And I am not trying to argue that seat belt laws are not lobby-driven. I believe that, for the most part, they are. However, I am stating that it would be inaccurate to state that seat belt laws have "nothing" to do with morality. Anyway, I have to get back to work, but I look forward to seeing your response and others' views on these books when I can get back to a computer.
bastille_75 bastille_75 9 years
Oh and BTW - I agree that the parents should wait to discuss these things with their children until they think that they're children are mature enough to understand the conversation. And while these books do seem to be geared toward younger children, I still think parents can you use them with their older children and even use it as joke to start talking about the issues. P.S. Sorry to everyone else that had to witness/read the above spectacle - which is why I usually try to refrain from these discussions and just stick to the topic regardless of the comments - but I hear there may be a 12-step program for this ;) - i'm looking into it.
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