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Chelsea Clinton in New York Magazine

On the Newsstand: I Love Chelsea Clinton

I feel like I grew up with Chelsea Clinton. We had braces at the same time, both wore those 90s-era flowery dresses, her dad was president, I saw her once at Stanford, you know — we're practically twins. But I didn't really know her until I cracked open this week's New York magazine.

Chelsea, the long quiet, sheltered from the media, first daughter might as well be a unicorn for as much as we've gotten to know about her. Taking center stage for the first time helping her mom's campaign, Chelsea appears to be wowing audiences as a self assured, perfect blend of her mom's detail and her dad's charm.

For nearly an hour, Chelsea fielded questions and spoke in dense, well-organized paragraphs packed with detail, nuance, facts, and figures and punctuated by the occasional “y’know”—a verbal tic of her mom’s—and a soft “yeah?” indicating that she was finished.

and Bill:

Like her father, Chelsea is, in fact, a big flirt (not something her mother is known for). Approached by a tall model-handsome college jock at the University of Utah, she literally batted her eyelashes at him. “Hell-o!” she said in a Mae West tone before posing for a snapshot with him.

Touted in the article as perhaps the best hope at taking over the "Clinton Dynasty," to find out what made me really like her a lot,


When a young man in back demanded to know the Clinton campaign’s “new strategy” in view of the “crippling blow” of Ted and Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama, Chelsea shot him a level gaze. “I don’t think there is a new strategy,” she said. “My mom has been running for the last year, talking about what she thinks our challenges are and what our opportunities are, and why she thinks she’s the most well positioned to deal with our problems in America and to solve things like Social Security or combat global warming or get our economy back on track. There’s no difference today from last week or last month.”

I don't know about you, but I think Chelsea could just be the strongest Clinton on the campaign trail.


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