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Solicited or not, Cherie Blair, has some tough advice for soon-to-be first lady Michelle Obama. The wife of Tony Blair, who spent 10 years as a high-profile political wife, wrote in an open letter to Michelle:

You have to learn to take the back seat, not just in public, but in private. When your spouse is late to put the kids to bed, or for dinner, or your plans for the weekend are turned upside down again, you simply have to accept that he had something more important to do. It is something of an irony that in these days of pushing for equality, those of us married to our political leaders have to put their own ambitions on hold while their spouses are in office and keep their views to themselves.

Just like Michelle, Cherie doesn't fit naturally in the shadows. Both women are accomplished lawyers and busy mothers. Michelle, a Princeton and Harvard grad, will give up her job as the vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center, along with a $300,000 salary. Still, the influence she gains as first lady is hard to calculate.

Do you think Michelle will heed the advice of her experienced British counterpart and take the backseat to Barack? Should she?


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