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Chicago High School Has 115 Teen Moms

There's a serious teen pregnancy crisis at Robeson High School in Chicago. Out of 800 female students, 115 are either pregnant or already moms. That's about one out of seven girls. School officials say a number of factors are to blame. When discussing the problem, the principal pointed to issues at home, such as absent fathers or financial trouble. He said: "It can be a lot of things that are happening in the home or not happening in the home."

The school hopes that setting up a day care center will help mothers graduate. Since this is such a widespread problem at Robeson, perhaps it's time the school steps up its prevention efforts by figuring out how it can better address sex education and help these girls think more critically about their futures. Maybe they should try that program in North Carolina that contributes $1 to a girl's college scholarship fund for every day she remains not-pregnant.

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teenprograms teenprograms 6 years
This is a serious problem that there is teenage pregnancy crisis in Chicago High School. About 800 girls are there studying in the school in which 115 girls are pregnant. All the schools should focus on the sex educational programs that can make children about safe sex and abstinence. There is need of paying more attention on this serious matter. Special counseling programs should be offered to teenage pregnant girls on the individual basis to overcome behavioral and emotional problems.
meeshee meeshee 7 years
most workplaces are pushing for daycare... daycare in a HIGHSCHOOL? this is so, so sad...
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
I agree the boys need to be made responsible for their actions. Personally I think girls should carry condoms in their handbags/purses but not everyone is going to do this for a variety of reasons. Ironically though this story appears on the same page as a feature about Doctors refusing to subscribe the pill on moral grounds; say no more!
Amigone Amigone 7 years
@ Sloane220, you said everything in your last two posts that I was going to say. Thank you for pointing out the racism and ignorance in that post. I was very angry after having read what jerkoneforme had written. Sadly her thoughts are probably pretty indicative of what most people think of this situation and ones like it. Public schools have many faults for a variety of reasons but it is not their fault that these girls are pregnant. Homeschooling your children will not solve the problem either. It is very sad that this is happening in such large numbers but instead of pointing fingers I would like to see real ideas on how to fix this. I think that the root of the problem IS self esteem and a desire to be loved. Not that they are purposly having babies in order to get love and attention but that the attention provided by the boys that get children on them is very compelling. Also there has been very little discussion here of the boys/men that got these girls pregnant. I would like to know more about them. It is extremely unfair that they would escape the consequences of their actions.
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 7 years
I agree with Hiding55. Religious freaks and their 1850's way of thinking need to be kept out of school. Most teenagers are having sex, some are unfortunate and get pregnant. It doesn't make them below the ones who don't get knocked up.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
trt- you can scream personal responsibility all you want but if parents don't have the money, time, or resources to provide homeschooling, then it's up to the community which provides education to give these children a comprehensive education, including sex ed. your personal opinions on what constitutes an appropriate parent is not going to stop people who don't think JUST LIKE YOU from having kids, SORRY. so you just homeschool your kids, while people who have to work all day and have lives and pay property taxes send their kids to school and expect the public school do what it's there for, to educate their children. and i do believe that small children should be introduced to the concept of sex education at an age appropriate level. and btw, society can have a negative effect on the self image of anyone, no matter what their family tells them. what do you think the message the media and society at large gives about black impoverished teens is. LOL, i'm sure you don't think it's a positive and affirming one. is it any suprise a lot of these teens have self esteem and self image problems, and a nihilistic attitude and don't think about tommorow. hell, i'm black and middle class, and grew up with VERY involved parents and i had issues with self esteem and self worth growing up in a very white world.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
jerkoneforme- you sure are a jerk and idiot too. it STARTED OVER 400 years ago. slavery in the united states ended officialy ended 1865, LESS THAN 200 YEARS AGO. and then there was 100 years of legalized segregation, hangings, burnings, castrations, educational opportunities, accomodations, and rapes. so get it f*cking right you f**king racist buffoon. don't EVER blame racism on black people. we didn't subject ourselves to it and we did NOTHING to deserve slavery or institutionialized racism 100 years ago or today. pregnant teens aren't shameful to any race, including the black race. they are PEOPLE, and they may have made a mistake but that doesn't mean they have to be ostracized and castigated particularly by public figures who don't even know them. are you saying that white community leaders and sports stars should have come out to make fun of those white teenage girls who made a pregnancy pact last year? i mean wtf? your false concern for the black community is showing. using a misfortune in the black imporverished community as a vehicle to spew your racist screed is disgusting.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
The last thing we need to do is remove the girls from the classroom. My mom got pregnant with my brother when she was 16. The minute she started showing the school told her she couldn't attend anymore because she was a bad influence on the other girls. The highest grade she completed was 9th grade and although she married the father (my dad), she has no job skills whatsoever to have ever had a job better than K-mart, Walmart, etc. The last thing these girls need is another barrier to prevent them from a better life. The problem is in the community. Unfortunately (and realistically), if the parents are not doing their job in setting a healthy, safe household and instilling values and morals in their children, shouldn't the school try to at least do something to help these kids towards a brighter future than repeating the cycle their parents are living in? TrT - not everyone can afford to send their kids to private schools, or have a parents stay home and home-school their kids. And who is to homeschool the child if the parents themselves are not educated enough to teach the children. By the time I hit middle school, my parents could no longer help me on homework. Yes - the parents are not doing a good job and are failing their children. So what, as a society, we should just let these children continue to fail and be doomed to perpetuate the problems of their community because - well as you say, it's the parents problem and not the state or schools problem. The parents aren't teaching their kids about sex ed so somebody should. I bet you would find a lot of these households in this neighborhood are too poor to afford internet or buy books at the book store for the kids to educate themselves on sex ed. Why is sex ed so taboo in public school? My public school taught it in 5th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade. In 8th grade, we all watched the birthing video, learned how to put condoms on bananas, and about birth control. I can recall maybe 3 girls who got pregnant while I was in highschool and we had 2,000+ students. Kids are going to have sex regardless, the least the school can do is give them the knowledge about protection to try and prevent pregnancy.
Jerkoneforme Jerkoneforme 7 years
Where are the community black leaders as well as nationally known black entertainers on this teenage pregnancy topic? Robeson High School has a primarily a black student body. It is time for black leaders to get their voices and faces on TV and in newspapers and tell these girls how shameful these teenage pregnancies are to the black race. This teenage pregnancy thing cannot be blamed on racism or the ills of society. It is a personal responsibility. Worst yet, the children of these teenage mothers are looking at a long road of hardship and pain and no stable male figures in their life. The final step is the children of these teenagers will most likely end up in jail and prison. Black America wake up. Slavery ended 400 years ago.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
@catepillar girl-oh please what do you think this is? the 1950's? removing pregant girls from classrooms won't shield other impressionable teens eyes from teen pregnancy and sexuality, they still have to face it in the media and in everyday society. the only purpose what you're suggesting would serve is to humiliate and castigate pregnant teens by segregating them and it would eventually probably lead to many of them dropping out of school, because history should tell us FORCED SEGREGATION IS INHERENTLY UNEQUAL. what these pregnant teens need is support and not being made to feel that their lives are over and all their opportunities are gone, if you force them into an "alternative" school that is exactly what would happen. @sallysal- whatever your personal opinion on homeschooling may be not everybody has the opportunity to sit home all day to homeschool their kids, and some people aren't able to be there when their children get home do to work constraints. no one is expecting the school system to raise their children, they are expecting the school system to do what it was created for, to educate and inform children. part of that should be comprehensive sex education that includes a full explaination of birth control. and really quit being so smug about kids who are homeschooled, because every situation has it's problems like homeschooled kids who are sheltered and barely have any socialization skills to homeschooled kids with a spotty educational opportunites because their parents were only comfortable or knowledgeable in a few subjects.
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
I think the problem is that all public schools are not equal. Like someone stated earlier, most of us come from (I assume and could be very wrong) white middle class families and have been lucky enough to attend decent public schools. This is something that needs to be fixed. I believe public schools provide a wonderful service to our country, but I think everyone can agree they could be greatly improved. It really depends where you live in the US and obviously there are huge discrepancies between a rich, suburban public school and an inner city school that could be fixed if we had federal standards set for education. I also believe this would help in reducing teen pregnancies as well as increasing our nation's intelligence overall.
zuke zuke 7 years
I am offended by Sallysal's comment that public schools cannot provide a "quality education." Like she says, parenting has a lot to do with how kids will turn out and the choices they will make later in life, and many do put the responsibility of teaching their children about "the real world" on the shoulders of the state, but in most cases I think that public schooling provides a better overall education than homeschooling could, unless you know all about algebra 2, calculus, statistics and probability; grammar such as infinitives, participles, gerunds, noun, adverb, and adjective clauses as well as great literature, sciences such as physics, chemistry and forensics,Spanish, German, Latin, Chinese, French, and many different types of history, which are all things that are taught at my PUBLIC SCHOOL. Now, from what I inferred, your implication was that a public school couldn't possibly teach all these things, and not every student learns them, but the point is that public schools do offer a very high-quality education. The parents of most of the pregnant girls probably wouldn't put forth the effort to give them a great home-school education anyway. Some aspects of this problem may be blamed on the public school system, but the majority cannot be, so stop trashing it, please.
nicklover nicklover 7 years
i have to agree with CaterpillarGirl
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