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Uh-oh! Tough times ahead for profiteers of No Child Left Behind. With its penchant for formulaic learning and standardized testing, it's a boon to the prepping and testing industry. But if Obama has his way, he'll favor policies that educators say work, leaving only some children behind.

While supporters of No Child Left Behind argue it holds educators accountable, the amount of work required to prepare, test, and produce post-test reports has created a thriving industry. Who is profiting most? To find out,


Textbook publishers moonlighting for the government
NCLB requires states to turn in lengthy and involved reports, which are provided by three of the top five educational publishers, which all rose to dominance under Bush. The companies are affectionately known as "Bush stocks."

Test-preparation companies
Under NCLB law, public schools must set aside 20 percent of federal funding to pay for supplemental educational services. And with 1,800 educational companies in the country, that money can choose where it wants to be spent. It might like Ignite! Learning, an educational company headed by George Bush's brother, Neil Bush, which has carved a niche by creating products that complement NCLB.

Specifically Sandy Kress, former president of the Dallas School Board, who crafted NCLB in Texas when Bush was governor. The lawmaker turned lobbyist earned $4 million in lobbying contracts with educational companies.

Shocking? Or just another day in Washington?


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