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China Airs Its Abortion Problem

Each year there are 20 million births in China and 13 million abortions. Each year in the US, there are four million live births and fewer than one million abortions. Chinese authorities are admitting that poor sex education and a lack of knowledge about contraception are reasons for the high rate.

Without the protection of proper contraception, pregnant women who have already had the legal number of children turn to abortion. But China's strict family planning laws, which limit women to one child unless the first child is a girl born to a family in a rural area, aren't solely to blame for terminated pregnancies. Single women, often between the ages of 20-29 and without children, are the most likely to seek an abortion.

The high rate of abortion is making front page news in China, even though it's not the highest rate in the world according to UN figures. Russia takes that prize, with an abortion rate more than double that of China's.

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