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China’s one-child only policy, implemented in 1979 to curb a population explosion, continues to hurt girls and women in predictably tragic ways.

In addition to women being forced to have abortions and get sterilized, reports are now out that families in the countryside are losing little girls as young as two years old to kidnappers. They then sell them to farmers who want their small sons to eventually have wives in a country where boys outnumber girls at alarming rates.

Largely due to sex-selective abortions in a culture where boys are prized over girls, there are about 124 boys for every 100 girls in the country as a whole, according to the British Medical Journal. In one province, the number is as high as 192.

Although Chinese officials have admitted they need to end the one-child only policy because it is creating a demographic timebomb, the bomb seems to have already begun to explode.


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