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Think OkCupid is a bad name for a dating site? How about "Central Government Unions Magpie Bridge." That's the name of China's dating site for government employees. Maybe it's a bad translation, but it may not be a terrible idea! The Chinese government verifies all personal information; so, women can really believe a guy who says he's six feet.

Civil servants aren't the only people China wants to hop in bed with. Government-sponsored dating sites have been a staple of dating life for years — at least since 1994 when the New York Times reported it as a way to help men, who grossly outnumber women, find brides. Even today independent dating sites, like, use government information to verify daters' personal information.

Internet dating in China has mainly been a city thing, but the New York Times Sunday Magazine says the government began playing matchmaker in rural areas after the 7.8 earthquake widowed thousands two years ago. Last year, near the quake's one-year anniversary, the government sponsored a mass wedding of 20 couples, in town that was destroyed but rebuilt quickly as a Disney-esque village for tourists.


Marriage is such an important part of Chinese life that fixing up men and women widowed by the quake is not only considered a social problem but society's obligation to fix. So parents, former in-laws, and local leaders of Communist "work units" encourage people to remarry as soon as possible. Leaders have become so involved that local Community Party officials sat at the head table when the couple featured in the New York Times married. Afterward, the happy-ish couple went on all-expense paid honeymoon — a gift from their loving government.

Source: Flickr User bblinko

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