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Chinese Man Convicted of Swinging

Would You Ever Consider Swinging?

"Marriage is like water," a Chinese man just sentenced to jail for participating in illegal group sex explains, "You have to drink it. Swinging is like wine. Some people feel it’s delicious the first time they try it, so they keep drinking. Some people try it and think it tastes bad, so they never drink it again."

Threesomes seem like the group-sex du jour, but swinging parties still rage in China, where at least a dozen people face jail time for attending spouse-swapping events. The defendants all found each other through a website initially intended for people to complain about their marriages. In America, you can also (legally) use the Internet to discover whether you'll find partner-swapping delicious. A quick search of came up with plenty of groups for those looking to swing.

Would you give swinging a try?

Source: Flickr User jenny downing

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