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Two Surprising STDs on the Rise

Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control announced two of the three STDs it tracks are on the rise. While gonorrhea continues its steady decline to all-time lows, dropping another 10 percent last year, chlamydia and syphilis rates are ticking up.

Chlamydia, which is rampant among young people but curable with antibiotics, surprises me far less than syphilis, which I thought was contained to Charles Dickens's novels and the crazy lady in the attic of Jane Eyre. But, actually, it rose 39 percent since 2006.

Unfortunately, STDs travel in subgroups as different races, ages, and sexual orientations are at different risks. While gonorrhea is on the decline among the whole population, the rate among blacks is 20 times higher than whites and almost 10 times higher than Hispanics. Young black women, 15 to 24, are most affected by chlamydia, while men who have sex with men account for nearly two-thirds of syphilis cases.

Whether you're in a high-risk group or not, it seems like concern about STDs has been on the decline for the last decade, even as people are more likely to get an STD from an ex or friend with benefits. Would you say you're more worried or less?

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Dang. I really thought everything was declining a bit. I probably only heard about one part of the population. Scary stuff. As long as it's the not the untreatable ones that are going up though, that's not quite so scary. Have you ever thought about how if everyone who was alive now, only had safe sex from now on, there would be no more STDs within two generations? (assuming the people who contract AIDS when born are being safe all their lives, too) Crazy, right?
sagagirl sagagirl 6 years
I have been celibate for over 2 years so I am not too worried but I would be if I were sexually active. Just seems like if you can't find a man who you are sure is disease free and faithful, your'e playing Russian roulette with your health.
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