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One Size Does Not Fit All: Choosing a Dating Site

We all know a couple who met online and went on to have a truly twenty-first century romance. But with the multitude of dating sites out there, how do you find "the one" that's right for you?

Whether you're looking for everlasting love or casual dating, there are a ton of options today. Specific sites cater to personality traits, body types, or religions affiliations. Larger sites like Match and OkCupid have what seems like endless questionnaires to fill out. Some are free and others come with a whopping bill.

The trickiest part of the equation seems to be how to find the site that is able to attract whom you're looking for and makes you feel comfortable. Do you focus all your attention on one site or spend time simultaneously on a few to weigh out the prospects?

I'm interested in what works and what doesn't. Have you tried online dating? Have you actually met a potential match in person? What are the pros and cons of the dating sites you've tried? Let's figure this out. Comment your experiences below!

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Ashley2701580 Ashley2701580 5 years
 @Gators0913 you should come try checkhimout with me! its totally free for girls!
Ashley2701580 Ashley2701580 5 years
I´ve used eharmony, match and pof, and I got all the same mass messages from guys! HATE IT...I´m trying out right now and I actually quite like it. my profile on eharmony was "hi I´m funny" and guys repsonded with how honest and blunt I!
teramichelle teramichelle 6 years
I've used both Okcupid and Match and noticed a huge difference in the quality of messages I'd get. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. With Okcupid (free) I would get messages along the lines of, "I like your face." With Match (not free), I got lots of messages and went on several dates w/intelligent men who were more up my alley.
cherrikate19 cherrikate19 6 years
I tried eharmony hated it, nobody wanted to do anything!!! Then I went on Zoosk through Facebook, went on a couple awkward dates then I met the love of my life who I'm living with and we've been together for 1.5 years, talking about marriage, a family, etc. Its the best relationship I've ever been in and I am so thankful I was open minded to the idea and not let the bad experiences deter me from finding the man of my dreams. I'm a girl who hates the bar scene and I'm too busy to even notice if someone is interested so this worked great for me! Also it was free for the most part through Facebook with a fee of $20 to get the unlimited version.
Gators0913 Gators0913 6 years
I joined eHarmony about 4 years ago, only because I'd only known one person who did online dating of any kind (times change!), and that's the site they used. I kind of got sucked into a "free communication weekend" out of boredom in undergrad. It was too expensive for me to join for real ($130 for 3 months, if I recall), so I just did a few free communication weekends. The trick with them turned out to be sticking around without signing up. They kept spamming me with different offers to join, eventually getting down to $30 for 3 months. I figured $30 was the cost of a bad date, and joined for 3 months. I went on a total of ONE date during those 3 months, and it was awful. I did have fun flirting online with boys, though. After my subscription ended, one of my friends made me join OkCupid, but I never really used it much. About 9 months after joining eHarmony I went on a date with a guy who had done a free communication weekend during my 3 months on the site. We'd talked on IM chats on and off for those 9 months and finally decided to meet. We'll celebrate our 2 year anniversary next week. =) So my advice: Take advantage of the free weekend offers (lots of other sites do them too...usually around holidays), and don't overpay! I don't think it really matters what site you join, unless you're looking for something specific. I know quite a few people on JDate, because they know they will only end up being with a Jewish person. Otherwise, Match, eHarmony, OkCupid, plentyoffish...they're all the same in my book. Just a means to an end. ;-)
secondstar secondstar 6 years
I've been on OkCupid on-and-off for a while. It's got a lot of people on it, ranging from nice normal guys to some total creepers. I look at it the same way I look at a crowded bar: you have to ignore the sleazy guys and their pick-up lines, but occasionally a good one will come along.
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