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Whitney's Chris D'Elia Has Funny Answers For Your V-Day Questions

You asked, and Whitney's Chris D'Elia answered your Valentine's Day and relationship questions. The standup comedian, who says he's seeing a special someone ("she's super"), took our reader questions on the topic of love and dating in time for Feb. 14. So if you're looking for a guy's perspective before Valentine's Day, take some advice from Chris, who plays Whitney Cummings's hot boyfriend on the NBC Wednesday-night comedy.

What can I get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day that he will actually like?

Chris: I mean, I don't know many guys who like the romantic stuff. So I honestly think Valentine's Day is mostly for girls. I don't expect anything if I have a girlfriend, but I think a nice card with something sweet in it usually makes me feel good and important.

If you're in a new relationship on Valentine's Day, what can you suggest that won't freak out the guy?


Chris: I think if it's a new relationship, you have to let the dude handle it. Even if you're like, "Oh my God I didn't get you anything because I didn't want to freak you out," then that's so cute. It's like she respects you to not want to blow it, but she also wants you to be the man.

What is the most romantic breakfast item you can think of?

Chris: I don't even know what's romantic about any breakfast item? When I think about eggs, like that's so unromantic. I think there's just no romantic breakfast items. I guess if it's in bed, that's romantic. I used to do breakfast in bed for a girl on Valentine's Day, and she liked that. She ate it up. Literally.

I'm single and I hate Valentine's Day. Any advice for getting through it as a single girl?

Chris: Yeah, you don't hate Valentine's Day. I think you're not being honest with yourself. There's no way you don't like Valentine's Day. There's no way! You secretly like it. You just have to realize that. You need to come to terms with it.

In light of it being Valentine's Day, if a girl likes a guy and he hasn't picked up on her hints, can she ask him out?

Chris: For me, I have to be the aggressor. I don't like it when girls ask me out. But I know that there are guys who are very shy who would like that. I think that it's a case-by-case basis. But I would say, normally if the guy's not asking you out or hovering around you, he's not interested. Like if a guy's talking to you, he's interested. If he's looking at you and you're not even talking to him, that's a huge thing.

Can girls and guys be friends? Keep reading for Chris's answer!

Chris: No. No. Not at all. Like, you can be friendly and cordial, and if you work together you could be like, "Oh, yeah, she's my friend." But not on a hanging-out basis. I think girls can, but no way guys can. Any guy that has a girl best friend and hasn't slept with her is just lying to himself — like that girl who said she doesn't like Valentine's Day.

I've been with my husband for 10 years, and for the first time he's pulling the "you don't really want to go out on Valentine's Day, do you? With the overpriced prix fixe and blah blah blah . . ." Did he always hate Valentine's Day and has just been humoring me? Should I play along?

Chris: First of all, I think 10 years is a long time to last through 10 Valentine's Days. I find that usually that diminishes way earlier than that. The first few, maybe one or two, it's like "Oh, it's a new chick" and you really want to impress her and win her over. But the fact that this dude has been doing it for 10 years?! He deserves a medal.

Check out a preview of this week's Whitney, and be sure to come back tomorrow for more advice from Chris D'Elia!

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