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Christian Girls Should Have Dad's Screen Their Wardrobes

Creepy Advice: Have Your Dad Screen Your Sexy Clothes

Pastor C.J. Mahaney has some advice for cluelessly provocative Christian girls: have your dad check you out before you leave the house. If he's turned on, you should change.

Such advice is included in the pastor/author's video sermon on men's thoughts on modesty. Listen carefully ladies. College boys are telling Pastor Mahaney that every day on campus is a battle. "I am thankful God has created me to be attracted to women," one student writes to Pastor Mahaney, "However campus is a loaded minefield. There are girls everywhere." And not just any girls. Attractive girls! To avoid evil thoughts, these boys must actively pray, by quoting scripture or listening to worship music.

Women do not fully grasp, the pastor says, that lust is continual, aggressive, and doing everything it can to lead men to death. Men need women to help deter the goal of lust! But first, women need a man's help. The pastor's sermon presents a solution. Christian women, have your dad screen your wardrobe. He's a guy. He knows more than you do on the issue . . . of whether your outfit will turn men on. "Dad, is my skirt long enough, or is making you lust?"

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shreerose shreerose 6 years
Ew. Gross.
amber512 amber512 6 years
That is freagin' creepy.
KeepOnKeepingOn KeepOnKeepingOn 6 years
Hmmm. My dad's sinful nature landed him in jail. Should I still trust his word on what I should wear? Should guys start covering up fully to protect women from their own selfish natures? This pastor is very backwards and saddening. There are many things wrong with what this guy has to say.
whats-her-name whats-her-name 6 years
RockSteady830 and PeachesnCreme make a valid point. Most articles on this site containing anything relating to the Christian faith are intended to question and/or mock it. People don't seem to understand that we're not all fundamentalists or radicals (hmm.. who can think of another religious group that falls under that same code of discrimination?). As far as the advice goes, I have to admit, I'm pretty creeped. I get the point, but if a man can look at his daughter in a lustful way, I think we have a bigger problem than a too tight mini skirt.
PeachesnCreme PeachesnCreme 6 years
I definitely have to agree with rocksteady830. I feel like this post is twisting the issue. If you watch the video, the idea of the father checking his daughters clothes was mentioned ONCE and was hardly presented in a "creepy" sort of way. I think this problem is sad for the kid, but an unavoidable one when at a college campus. However, the message I think is rather important-even if you aren't Christian or care about whether or not you're making life hard for a man (who IS). It's wise/great/always fashionable to dress like you have class, and self respect. Examples: Your breasts not hanging out, thongs showing, skirts that leave nothing to the imagination, etc. My personal opinion. As for the father-daughter recommendation: If you have a young daughter, having her dad give his input on what she wears seems like it would build a strong father/daughter relationship. It would also send the message to her that in order to be/feel pretty, she doesn't have to show her body (coming from a very important man), and that will carry on with her later in life. Obviously if you're an *independent adult* you wouldn't need to consult your father(unless you wanted to). So, there are things I agree with AND also disagree with on this. But overall, I think it's important for women and girls to understand that they don't need to dress scantily to get attention. Does that mean you should have to wear a turtleneck all the time? No. Sorry for the long post! >.< lol
Natalie-Love Natalie-Love 6 years
I guess I should just wear a sack from neck to toes on any scorching summer day, to make sure some poor guy won't get thoughts of jacking off, because shorts showcase the fact I have legs (gasp) and tank tops might suggest I even have breasts. Oh lord! I should definitely hide the fact I have either. And my dad is a sane individual who doesn't comment on my look/clothes, as he just doesn't give a damn. He cares much more about how my grades in University are, how well my life is going, and what career opportunities I'm getting, because he wants me to succeed. I don't think he gives a flying fuck what some horny dude in school thinks of my dress. What about fathers spend some more time encouraging their daughters academically rather then scrutinizing outfits? Might solve some issues in society, instead of causing them.
rocksteady830 rocksteady830 6 years
Typo: Women view each other a lot differently than men view women. Sorry about that.
rocksteady830 rocksteady830 6 years
I think the poster of this is twisting what this man was trying to get across, and that's just immature. Why is it that this site consistently mocks anything Christian? The point is not that a young girl's father would get aroused by his own daughter. It's that he knows, more than a girl's mother, what makes teenage guys go crazy. So he can say, hey, I don't think that is really a good idea to wear. There is nothing wrong or creepy about that. Women view each other a lot differently than women. And when your teenage daughter is exploring her sexuality within her own mind and body, she may not realize that a tiny mini skirt or short shorts is not cute, but overly sexy for a 14-year-old. And not only could it draw too much attention from a boy her own age, but inappropriate attention from an adult man, whether a stranger or a friend's father. How else would a young girl learn boundaries unless receiving guidance from her parents?
testadura67 testadura67 6 years
There are so many things wrong with this I can't even put them in order in my head to yell about them. Suggesting that fathers being aroused by their daughters is natural, but it would only be because the daughter is provoking him. Enabling men to blame women for their own lustful feelings. Encumbering women with the guilt that men's reactions to them is their own fault, and she has it coming. So, SO stupid.
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