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Porn Addicts Not Welcome at Christian Sex Shop

Sex shop Christian Love Toys is, of course, for marital bliss only, but what if a married couple finds its bliss is porn? Then they're politely, if judgmentally, asked to leave. Maybe try secular sex stores, which "sell a plethora of pornographic and inappropriate products. Inappropriate like anal beads marketed as "feather ticklers"? Nope. Those are allowed.

In a section labeled "Porn Addicts," it tells users "Pornography isolates you from the world, friends, family, God, and plunges you in a gluttonous fantasy world. It adversely affects ALL of your relationships." It recommends users seek redemption at the XXX Church, a site that aims to end porn and sex addictions by "purifying" the mind, much like the Dirty Girls Ministries we talked about yesterday.

I don't know what I was expecting! As the Guardian points out, Christian sex shops are a step in the right direction. But doesn't adding judgment to a place that's supposed to be a comfortable place to shop only undermine it?

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