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Christina Aguilera Rocks the Vote

Christina Wraps Her Kid in a Flag to Rock the Vote — Wrong?

New mom Christina Aguilera is politically active — and getting her son involved early — by appearing with him in an ad for Rock the Vote due out this summer. The message of the ad is great — but is the image chosen to trumpet the cause reason to sound the alarm?
Aguilera's son appears in the ad, swaddled in the American flag.

Aguilera said of her decision to make the ad, "This election in particular is such an exciting and historical one, and so I was proud to have my son and I stand together for such a powerful moment and message in time." Rock the Vote, which turns 18 this year, isn't a stranger to controversial imagery. Madonna made a similar Get Out the Vote ad in 1990 showing the Material Girl wrapped in a flag of her own. Is this just what's required to get the young 'uns attention?

Though this rule from is quite clear, "The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything," does the fact that she possibly did it to bring attention to the cause of voting make it less outrageous? Rock the Vote has given out 850,000 voter registration cards this year. Is that a good trade off?

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justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
It seems patriotic to me, your showing that you trust in your country to be your babies covering. But that's just my first feeling on it.
superjules superjules 9 years
My personal opinion is that it's wrong. I like her singing, I'm a fan. I don't like flag bikinis, flag dresses (Sharon Stone) and other flag items that are disrespectful. Maybe it's because I'm a little older than most here or maybe it's because I'm an Air Force wife. Or it could be because of the hundreds of wounded troops I helped as they came from Iraq and Afghanistan. The one who's hand I held (because the other arm had been blown off) or the one who was burned over 85% of his body and coughed his lung fluid into my eye and died 3 months later. I highly doubt Xtina or anyone else who just throws on the American flag has the faintest idea what the flag means or what it means to give up your life or limbs or sanity to protect it or it's ideals. I shouldn't limit this to just people who wear the flag inappropriately, this pertains to most Americans. They have no idea what is really happening over there. If you all knew the full extent, you would never vote for McCain and his 100 year war plan. I had a point... Don't disrespect the flag, it actually means something to a lot of people. People who are fighting for your right and mine to express our half-cocked opinions on the internet.
drunkenmeatball7 drunkenmeatball7 9 years
Honestly, it's a nice ad. Yeah, the codes are being broken, but They are not RULES. They are pretty much just suggestions, and the first amendment states that we have the right to the freedom to not follow these codes if we don't want to. Sure, it's disrespectful, but so is cursing people out, cutting people off in traffic, and making rude comments about a celebrity that made a career choice and got successful with it. I have a question... would anyone care or write an article about it if it was some random woman and her child? If it was the sweet young lady you know down the street that just had a baby and wants to show the world the two things that are most important to her: her child and her freedom? For once pretend that you were in Christina's position. Just because her career choice throws her into a spotlight doesn't mean she's a sleaze. If you were thrown into the spotlight, I'm sure you'd be paranoid about how you looked, and probably cake yourself with makeup too. I know I did it when I cared about how I looked in highschool, until I realized that I really didn't care anyway.
pinky23 pinky23 9 years
:( i don't think that this was very tasteful.
browneyedgirl00 browneyedgirl00 9 years
I think the image portrayed in the ad is beautiful and tasteful. It's not offending anyone's religion, morals, etc. I mean, women walk around in string bikinis of the American flag. I think thats a lot less sacred then an infant wrapped in it while his mother sings a patriotic song. I think anyone who is offended is being too sensitive and should view the image for what it really is: beautiful and still sacred.
LA101 LA101 9 years
You don't have to be smart to be famous!
r0ckit2thesk r0ckit2thesk 9 years
It really is about time that we start relaxing all these flag rules. X-tina has done so much for the community with her domestic violence charity and now she's encouraging others to vote. So I don't think there's anyone who is less suitable to be using the flag in this manner. It's a beautiful picture and she's a beautiful and talented woman with a beautiful son. It's not in disrespect. So some of us are just gonna have to get over it.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i understand the symbolism but completely disagree with the using a flag in such a way. shows a great lack of respect for our flag, forefathers, and the people who have died for the flag.
CynLynn CynLynn 9 years
Okay first, since everyone seems to care more about her looks then the actual topic, she was prob blinking when the pic was taken so she isn't drunk, and yeah she may have a bit too much make-up but who cares the point is the ad photo. Now I first saw the pic before I read the article I got this overwhelming feeling of patriotism and got the message that we need to vote for our children's future. Our children will be running the country one day and we need to make sure we do the best to give them a wonderful and loving country. I did NOT think OMG what a be-otch, why would she be so disrespectful! 1- the baby is most likely wearing a diaper so all you complaining about the baby doing a #1 or 2 can be comforted, and 2- she is wrapping her baby to show how our children are the future of this country, not to break any flag code. Rock the Vote should definitely NOT remove this from their ad because then they are only caving to pressure and isn't RtV about standing up for what you believe and voicing your opinion? What message would they send if they just cave to make other's happy?
classifiedtech classifiedtech 9 years
For those of you voting and commenting on relaxing our flag laws, I think you are wrong. No she isn’t burning it or wiping her nose on it but there are rules on the use and displaying of the flag of the US. Yes we have people wearing swimsuits, shirts and so on with the American flag on it, but those are clothing not the flag itself. I was a soldier for 8 years fighting for our freedom and for that American Symbol. To relax on the rules pertaining to the flag we run the risk of losing what it stands for, if we relax too much the flag can become an ordinary object because it doesn’t matter what you do with it, it will lose its luster. I don’t see any room for relaxing when it comes to the US Flag, it is a symbol of this great country, it deserves our respect and the rules it comes with. Thank you and support our troops.
ABCJ ABCJ 9 years
How sad that most people have voted that we should relax the rules about the flag. Are you F****** kidding me, obviously you were raised with absolutely no respect for the flag or our country. I admit that I'm not the most patriotic person, but I have much respect for our flag. It really burns me up when people lose their head and act like an absolute itiot, just for publicity. I like Christina and normally I like what she stands for, but to disrespect the flag it on a whole other level. Madona I get it she doesn't respect anyone or anything, and I don't condone her actions either. We put these celebrities on pedistals and pretend like they can do no wrong. All celebrities should be condemed when they do something wrong not rewarded. We need to Wake Up and take a good hard look at our values these days. And reevaluate how we raise our children to disrespect and hate. We are going to be the downfall of our own country. Yes voting is important, but the more important picture is our future our children and teach them to respect our flag and our country.
QuinnAngel00 QuinnAngel00 9 years
I think there are some beautiful symbolisms (?) here. An American child wrapped in the American flag. A child of this hopefully changing time in America. The future of America. He can't vote yet, be he will be able to one day. I think it's nice, they aren't doing anything wrong with the flag, she's not blowing her nose on it, or wiping the baby's butt. It seems most people who voted felt the same way. That there's nothing wrong and flag rules should be relaxed.
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 9 years
OK, I'm in the minority but I think it is disrespectful. I come from a family of U.S. Marines where the flag is very important. JMO
gholson54 gholson54 9 years
I am not sure I think it is that big of a deal but our generation is so relaxed when it comes to this sort of stuff. We have totally lost the respect for a lot of things. From the things that represent our country to the respect of our elders. You would have never seen anyone of the older generation disrespect the flag in that way (if you think it is disrespectful). My husband is an Army officer as well and I seriously doubt that is what he is fighting for.
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 9 years
First off, I love me some Xtina, her music, her devil-may-care attitude and her cool retro style. And I understand the message and support it. I'm more bugged by the fact that celebrity babies have become the latest accessory in Hollywood - sell their first pics for a cool mil? Check. Use them in an ad campaign as a prop? Check. I totally understand that's not her intention - she is a mother now and as a mother, she wants to promote voting and taking care of our country so it will be a good place for her child. I get that. It just bothers me that celeb babies are splashed all over tabloids within days or hours of birth and are then under scrutiny throughout their entire childhood. (And yes, I contribute by reading tabs and gossip sites - I'm a complete hypocrite :) )
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
I agree with the Perfect Score, "freedom of speech should be upheld. Granted the flag represents our country and should be respected. I think she is respecting the flag she is wrapping up her most prized possession, her son, in the principals of this nation. We should applaud this visual activism and not condemn it." My hubby is a US Army Officer and I honestly feel that he is fighting for her right to do this... just my opinion...
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
If you think of the symbolism behind this picture it is talking about how our political decisions we make today affects the future of the country. I love the idea! And the principal of freedom of speech should be upheld. Granted the flag represents our country and should be respected. I think she is respecting the flag she is wrapping up her most prized possession, her son, in the principals of this nation. We should applaud this visual activism and not condemn it.
junebug20 junebug20 9 years
It is disrespectful and it goes against the U.S. Flag Code. And, yes, there is a code.
InfernalMari InfernalMari 9 years
Okay, I realize this is a .com site, but seriously, just ONCE I'd like someone to acknowledge the chance, however slim, that a random poster is not an American. Moving on. Everyone who's talking about her appearance isn't helping. Maybe you're still in high school, but I doubt it. Christina Aguilera's trying foster the democracy of the nation, and you're talking about the bad promo shot? That's what counts here. It's not like she's draping it around herself saying, 'Hey fella, go vote for me, ;)', or anything like that. Besides, what that flag means to an American vastly differs from what it means to anyone overseas, and in turn, means something different to every single citizen of each nation. Not everyone sees 'mothers baking apple pie patriotically'.
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
I cannot believe so many people don't care about mis-using our flag. I'm not really offended by something like this compared to someone burning or shredding our flag ... but it IS wrong ... and it's the little steps that lead to the big ones. (Oh, this isn't so bad, let's relax the rules. Then that isn't so bad so we relax them even more ... etc.) My mother took the test to be nationalized and had to learn all the rules/laws for our flag and so ,of course, did I.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 9 years
Disrespecting the flag equates with disrespecting the country. I think in the last 20 years or so we have all become much less respectful of many traditions and institutions. I'm not sure that this has been socially beneficial. As for the flag code, it also reads (not complete): * The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard * The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations. My understanding is that the "flag" means an actual flag, not a print of stars and stripes arranged in some different pattern. It would have been just as easy for the Rock the Vote people to put Christina in a blue dress and Max in a red-and-white striped outfit, or something like that. This is just unnecessary and disrespectful.
CesyBabe CesyBabe 9 years
interesting how your flag rules are not codified cause when i think 'patriotic' i automatically get thoughts of American flags flying in front yards. I say that you're non-codification of the flag rules is interesting because here in NZ flag rules are codified, but we dont really care too much, it is a common assertation that NZers arent patriotic enough (which I think is bullshit but thats another story). in fact a guy burnt a flag while protesting, was taken to court and was acquitted because his actions were justified (somehow, cant quite remember how though). So all this is very interesting.
blooditsnotfunny blooditsnotfunny 9 years
symbolism, shmimbolism.. you guys are too sensitive! I think the ad is hella cute!
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
sooo does little max get jail time if he poops on the flag
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"A flag does not make a country, a country makes the flag and we should be paying attention to this election instead, which has more affect on everyone in the U.S. than this whole issue with the flag." That was very well said, IMO! ;)
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