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The Word "Fiancé": Love or Loathe?

Between boyfriend or girlfriend and husband or wife is "fiancé" or "fiancée," a pesky little word with an accent mark (and two Es if you're talking about a woman). For many people, getting to utter this word is one of the perks of being engaged. Recently, Christina Ricci revealed that being able to say "fiancé" is her favorite thing about being engaged.

According to Ricci, who debuted her ring in February, "People take you so much more seriously once you start throwing around that word." That's probably true, but I always felt weird about using the short-lived status label, like I was bragging or something. But maybe that's just me; how does it make you feel?

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browncoat browncoat 4 years
My husband and I were engaged for a long time - 5 years - before getting married and I hated saying that word from the start. I don't really know why, I think it feels like such a pretentious word to me. I avoided saying it at all costs. Also, using it would inevitably result in people asking when the big day was and having to go into the reasons why we didn't have a date set for the longest time was frustrating. Apparently not immediately rushing into planning the wedding as soon as you get engaged is unheard of. Eventually we learned to use terms such as "better/other half" or for online discussions "SO".
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