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lalalaem6 lalalaem6 6 years
NOOO Brian Krakow and Angela Chase forever!!
simplystella simplystella 7 years
Oh gosh, what happened to Jared Leto's hairs? 0_o
ellierock44 ellierock44 7 years
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 7 years
azh azh 7 years
and they still look like 16 years old.. :D
renascencern renascencern 7 years
Angela and Jordan Catalano... It's like I'm fourteen again =)
Angelica Angelica 7 years
This picture made my week!
mrsld mrsld 7 years
This just made my day. The huge smiles on their faces just make me super happy. Ski- I don't agree. He still is very handsome (dreamy) he just needs to go back to a normal hair cut. and maybe NOT wear more eyeliner then Claire does!
4evrfuzzy 4evrfuzzy 7 years
This is adorable! I LOVED the show when it was on. The other day I tried watching it on Hulu but had to turn it off, it was soooo annoying! Made me laugh though, they all say "like" 400 times an episode. It's unbearable.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i'm surprised no one has stated the obvious: Jordan Catalano has gone DOWNHILL
katalibria katalibria 7 years
MSCL has been and will always be my favourite tv show. Can't believe so much time has passed since it went off the air. Thanks so much Pop for showing them!
Miss-Shapes Miss-Shapes 7 years
Wow, its been 15 yrs! IS that even possible? Great to see them together again.
tayrose tayrose 7 years
I loveeeee this show!! Jordan Catalano...mmm mmm mm.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I loved this show back in the day. Dylan McKay and Jordan Catalano were the loves of my life ;)
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 7 years
Love it!
lauren lauren 7 years
this totally made my day!
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 7 years
Love it! Love both of them :)
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