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Clarissa Explains It All Book

Would You Read These '90s TV Shows-Turned Books?

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Our favorite wise teen Clarissa Darling is coming back, but she'll be dishing her thoughts on page instead of on screen. The '90s Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All is returning as a book, Things I Can't Explain. Slated for release in late 2014, the book would catch up with a 23-year-old Clarissa trying to make it as a journalist slash "real adult" amidst the relationship drama that ensues.

We've all heard of books made into movies and TV shows, but not as much about the reverse scenario of a TV show inspiring a novel or book series. Turns out there are a handful of shows that began in the same nostalgic era as Clarissa — the '90s — that were then adapted into page-turners. There's often controversy on whether an adaptation is better or worse than its origin material, so I'm wondering: would you read it? And if you have, how did the book version stack up to the TV series?

Source: Nickelodeon
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