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Clear Case of Player Hating

Dear Sugar
I've been at my first job for 4 months. So far, I'm saving a lot of money. I have always had a thing for purses and recently indulged and bought the most fabulous Marc Jacobs bag I have ever seen! It was expensive, but I have the money and splurging isn't something I do often. I don't feel guilty about it either since I regularly donate to charities, volunteer and am generous to others. When I told my friend about my new bag, she yelled at me and told me how stupid it was to spend that much on a purse. She is student teaching and has no income right now, so to her, I'm sure it is stupid. When I see how much celebrities buy, I am confident I will never be
anything like that, regardless of how much money I make. Should I feel guilty about what I did? Designer Debbie

Dear Designer Debbie
No - you shouldn't feel guilty at all. You sound like you've got your priorities in check. So what, you treated yourself to a fancy handbag - Mazel Tov! Your friend is totally player hating you. She's jealous that you can afford something decadent because of your job and she can't. She knows you aren't hurting for the money, so she should be happy for you instead of trying to make you feel badly about your purchase. Please.

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