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While America's first family arrives in Denmark with hopes of bringing the 2016 Olympic Games home to Chicago, Cleveland, OH, has just been awarded the 2014 Gay Games! The sports and cultural event should attract more than 10,000 athletes, along with spectators ready to spend millions of dollars. In fact, the games can generate up to $80 million in economic impact.

The Gay Games were started in 1982 by US Olympic decathlon competitor Tom Waddell, who has since lost his battle with AIDS. The event's philosophy is that "doing one's personal best should be the paramount goal in any athletic endeavor." Anyone can participate, regardless of his or her sexual orientation or skill level, and competitors represent their cities, not their countries.

Cities like New York and San Francisco have hosted the Gay Games, but it's fun to see a less predictable location choice like Cleveland. Would you check it out?

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free-fallin free-fallin 7 years
I think this is a bad idea. Its basically like saying gay athletes are different from other athletes. And whether gay or straight, everyone is human and should be competing in the same competition. Especially for gay men, I fell like this re-enforces the idea that they are less manly than straight men.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
Yes, lilkimbo. I believe that Lakewood was the driving force in getting the games here. I just feel like it's sort of insulting to gays, saying that they aren't good enough to compete in the real olympics... but I see now that it's more like a big intermural thing - you can compete regardless of who you are or how good you are at what you do.. interesting. I'm glad we got something here (cleveland). A couple years ago we were bidding for the special olympics, guess we just missed out on that one...
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I don't see the point to it, either, but if the games are going to exist, I'm glad Cleveland got them. The city really needs the money right now! (And, there is an inner suburb of Cleveland, Lakewood, that actually has a sizable LGBT population.)
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