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Clinton Wins in SD, Obama Wins MT, Takes the Whole Cake

Latest: Barack Obama has just been projected to win in the last primary of the election, Montana. Earlier tonight in a bitter victory, Hillary Clinton won the biggest share of South Dakota's 15 pledged delegates. Taking the biggest prize of all, CNN projected that Obama is the Democratic nominee.

Barack Obama has secured enough delegates to earn the Democratic nomination. He confirms what was thought earlier — that he had already secured the magic number to win the Democratic nomination earlier in the day, amid conflicting stories of Hillary Clinton conceding.

Hillary spoke to her supporters in New York tonight, stopping short of actually withdrawing from the race in the speech, instead asking people to write in and share their thoughts.

Many are now calling for a so-called unity ticket, slotting Hillary in to the VP position, as the best way to unite the embattled party after the long primary season.

John McCain jumped in on the action, delivering a major address tonight in which he praised Clinton and dogged Obama. McCain said,

Senator Clinton has earned great respect for her tenacity and courage. The media often overlooked how compassionately she spoke to the concerns and dreams of millions of Americans, and she deserves a lot more appreciation than she sometimes received. As the father of three daughters, I owe her a debt for inspiring millions of women to believe there is no opportunity in this great country beyond their reach. I am proud to call her my friend.

Does the nomination of Obama feel like an historic moment?


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harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
Well I did already apologize to you. I'll apologize again. I'm a very passionate person and I will admit I was a little drunk when I wrote it. That being said you DID imply that Hillary got 17 million votes just because she was a woman. That pissed me off and since I was under the influence of some tasty cocktails I didn't have a censor. Obama won by a SLIGHT lead. I am not unwilling to accept the reality. Obama won. I will support Obama. I am a Democrat and have the beliefs and ideals of a Democrat. Just because he won though does not mean that all of her supporters are clueless. Yes millions of people agree with you...but guess what? Millions of people agree with me. Now they are going to work together. I am a Democrat first a Hillary supporter second. I would hope that you would appreciate that I am passionate and care about my country instead of assuming that I need to grow thicker skin. My skin is fine I was just upset. So again I'm sorry if I upset you. It looks like we're on the same side now. :) I'm assuming you are an Obama supporter?
dsbnh369 dsbnh369 9 years
"Oh that's complete bullsh*t and you know it. 17 million people did not vote for Hillary Clinton just because she was a woman. Just like 17 million people did not vote for Barack Obama just because he was a black man." 17 million voted for her because of a combination of factors: Some voted for her to make a statement about the glass ceiling, and others voted for her because she was the "safer" choice. A politician with a history who was the safer bet because of it. "That's ridiculous. And you know what I can have any response that I please to this event. At least I wasn't trying to be insulting. I don't care if you accept it or not. I like that she didn't pretend NOT to have flaws. Do you have any clue what she stands for? If you can name three things in detail I'll eat my words." She stands for universal healthcare, energy independence and is against a higher social security tax for the wealthy. Ready to eat your words yet? Well, here's something that might help: Hillary can't close the deal on the majority of the things she stands for and her pass failures to institute changes like universal healthcare should make this obvious. On the area of energy independence Hillary has failed to be honest in the hopes that she will not lose any support. In contrast, Obama has been incredibly forthcoming about the flaws in his plans, most of which bear a striking similarity to Clinton's plans. This highlights two truths about this race that have become evident: The choice between Obama/Clinton is largely a superficial one, and Obama is more honest and realistic in his goals that Clinton has ever been. Honest. That is the keyword here. "I was not bashing Obama. I was having a genuine response to dealing with having to switch my support to another candidate. Implying that 17 million people are clueless and clearly support a morally repugnant candidate blindly and without reason is highly insulting." You need to grow a thicker skin. Th fact is that I share this opinion with millions of people who would never support Clinton despite being democrats. The fact this opinion seems "insulting " to you speaks more to your unwillingness to accept it as a reality than to the explicit content of my post. Sometimes the truth is insulting and bothersome.
jellydonut80 jellydonut80 9 years
ummm i saw the fist bump because i was there!!! It was one of the most amazing moments of my life...the crowd was pumped...the diversity was amazing. His supporters represent America - it wasn't just straight, white, rich people - it was everyone and anyone...I stood in line for 4 hours, the arena was packed and 15,000 people were turned away...but they all stayed outside and watched it on the jumbotrons outside. it was amazing and i'm so happy that i can say i was there!
megnmac megnmac 9 years
reesiekitty - my aunts in Chicago say the same things, their children went to school with the Obamas and they have nothing but nice things to say about Michelle and the girls. I tease that they are supporting Obama so they can name drop, but ultimately, they'd be the first to give up the gossip if there was anything and all I hear is how great they are. It is a little nice to feel like I 'know' that it isn't all an act for the nation, but that they live normal lives and are good to the people around them. And I agree that children really show what they are learning, and well behaved, good mannered children that are happy show how their parents have given them time and love.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Yay, I am so happy that Barack Obama has finally clinched the nomination! I'm proud to say I voted for him in the California primaries and I will vote for him again in the general election. Here's hoping we can finally get a Democratic president in the White House this election. I wouldn't mind an Obama/Clinton dream ticket either...
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
A-men to the comment Jillness quoted (I am being too lazy to look for it). Children will always emulate what they see at home.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
" I actually know a couple here in Chicago and the husband has worked closely with Michelle Obama for several years and they have nothing but good things to say about both Obamas, both in a work enviornment and just as people. I was particularly interested to hear that according to my friend, their girls are really nice, normal, and very well behaved kids. I think you can tell a lot about people by how bratty their kids are!!!" Thank you for sharing! A closer perspective is always interesting!
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
Wow, oh wow! My BF and I sat and watched all the speeches last night in our house just outside of Chicago and it was pretty overwhelming. I think that one of the CNN commentators hit the nail on the head, saying that Hillary's 'me me me' spech and the fact that she didn't graciously step down once the numbers showed Obama winning will really alienate a lot of people from her. While I don't harbor the extreme dislike for her that a lot of people ( including my mom, who is RIGHT in her supposed voting demographic) have, I am really disgusted by her sense of apparent entitlement. She is not 'owed' a VP nomination or 'her' night or anything else. I think sometimes when people win a lot and are really genuinely talented, they just never get used to NOT winning. Hillary is like a little kid playing Candyland when it looks like someone else got to the end of the board first. The little kid re-rolls their dice and says 'now we're going to do it THIS way!' and tries to change up the rules to make themselves somehow come out the winner. I'm not sorry she stayed in until the delegate count was done, but now she is an embarassment to herself. I'm a feminist and proud of it, but I don't think Hillary represents us very well right now. Obama on the other hand looked and sounded truely presidential last night. There was a lot of meat to the speech as well as oratory- and hey, after 8 years of Dubbya, what a pleasure to listen to someone who knows how to speak well in public!! Michelle Obama looked great and should be able to wear whatever color dress she wants. We need to get past 'flag pin- dress color- hairstyle' issues. I actually know a couple here in Chicago and the husband has worked closely with Michelle Obama for several years and they have nothing but good things to say about both Obamas, both in a work enviornment and just as people. I was particularly interested to hear that according to my friend, their girls are really nice, normal, and very well behaved kids. I think you can tell a lot about people by how bratty their kids are!!! The comment about McCain as a gym teacher was so great!! He just looks old and tired already. Wait till a few months of summer campaigning get going. He'll be wiped out.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I don't think it had any psycho effects. Having said that, I'll change my mind if things start going wrong (like the electricity going out, or the sounds system suddenly stops working...).
Jillness Jillness 9 years
What did everyone think of Obama giving his speech in the same venue as the Republican convention??? I thought it was a good move in the game of psychological warfare! Obama's got his mojo all over that building now! Hee!
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Thanks Jillness and em. My dad has teeth issues, and he always looks like he is unhappy. He shouldn't be, now that he's newly remarried, all his kids are out of the house, and he has lots of cute grandchildren (not just mine BTW).
Jillness Jillness 9 years
UnDave, I noticed last night she has a substantial overbite. To get her lips to cover her teeth, she kind of has to bring her bottom lip up, the impression of smugness. (IMO) "t's such an odd feeling to be so energized and encouraged because my candidate of choice got the nomination, while being sympathetic for my dear friends who are Clinton supporters and who are bitterly disappointed today. I feel guilty for being glad." I agree 100% Bookish! Harmony, that brings a smile to my face that you had been drinking. I kept thinking last night that I wish there was some way I could buy Harmony a drink! I feel for you, honey!
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I'm amazed by how this has gone so far. America really has come a long way. It's awesome! I'm excited to have a president that can speak well haha
em1282 em1282 9 years
I think it's because she doesn't show her teeth, UD. I am (IMO) not smug at all but when I smile like that I look realllllly smug.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Did you notice Michelle's face. Her smile does look smug. It must be the way she smiles.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Because we moved, the internet/cable won't be installed until tomorrow. I only have internet at work...
Bookish Bookish 9 years
Harmony, I have to just read and not post when I've had a drink (just one is all it takes, I'm a total lightweight). I don't trust myself to post anything nice, or meaningful, or even coherent when I'm chemically altered!
Bookish Bookish 9 years
It's such an odd feeling to be so energized and encouraged because my candidate of choice got the nomination, while being sympathetic for my dear friends who are Clinton supporters and who are bitterly disappointed today. I feel guilty for being glad. I really hope we can move forward and bring the party together so we can focus on winning in November and getting the ball rolling to make some changes for the better. And as a side note, I don't see any symbolism in Michelle's dress- and if I could look that great in purple, I'd be rocking it too.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
WOW...ummmm...I didn't mean to stir the pot that much. I was a tad bit on the shall we say drunk side. I'm very passionate to a fault sometimes. I share that with Hillary. Anyway, it's fun to see people fight over me...oh and the new member...sorry that I snapped at you. Good Morning Everyone. :coffeecup:
Lynne Lynne 9 years
UnDave, we don't have cable, but my husband watches everything LIVE online. That's how I watched/heard everything. If you have internet at home, maybe you can try that. :)
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Good morning everyone. I really hate not having cable. I missed all the festivities last night
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
Here's a link to McCain's speech, watch it when you need a cure for insomnia.
jenintx jenintx 9 years
I watched both the Hillary and Obama speeches last night, and I must say that I agree with the CNN commentators (from all political backgrounds) when they said that Obama's was never about himself. It was about giving Hillary her due-respect, about the historical implications of her work and hinting about wanting both her and Bill in his cabinet. It was about the policy similarities of Bush and McCain, who has also adopted the 'change' theme, but in a respectful way (the quote about McCain refusing to acknowledge his It was never about Obama, unlike Hillary's speech (and honestly, I didn't get to watch McCain's...I turned on CNN just before Hillary's, though the pundits didn't seem to respond well to it). It felt like Obama actually said something in his speech, unlike with Hillary, who never gave us an explanation of how she reached her conclusions, how her math works. I have never been as inspired I was/am b/c of a speech. Yay, Obama!
em1282 em1282 9 years
"and i don't predict that her supporters are going over to mccain's side any time soon." Yeah, yy, as far as I know...every Hill supporter I know (even the rabid ones) is still sticking with the Dems. Aaaand on a totally superficial note, I liked the purple dress. It's my alma mater's color, I *have* to like it. :)
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
"Write to me, she told them. Tell me what you think I should do." She is SO pathetic, I heard that when you went on her site she had some kind of link where you can write to her, and when you clicked on it, it went right to her donation page. (I just don't have the stomach to check it out myself). She is so blatantly just holding on so the poor people who support her can pay off her ridiculous debt. What is it about $40mil now? She disgusts me, the same people that she claims has her back the working moms, poor older citizens, and even little kids who sell their bikes for her, she's gonna milk them dry even though she's worth over $100 million dollars. She should pay off her own debt. SAD!
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