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Clip of Stefanie Skinner and Boyfriend From Kell on Earth

Has Work Ever Impacted Your Love Life?

Have you all tuned into PR-maven Kelly Cutrone's reality show on Bravo? Kell On Earth follows the busy workers at Kelly's fashion PR firm People's Revolution. One of the show's stars Stefanie, aka Skinner, is obviously a valued hardworker, but she sometimes comes off as a bit of a workaholic, having trouble delegating projects to others. Not only does her busy schedule result in scrambled eggs for dinner, it's also having a negative impact on her social life (nonexistent) and love life (doomed).

On last night's show, Skinner had trouble disconnecting from her cell phone while spending time with her boyfriend of one year — it totally reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada. Skinner was a little rude, and you could tell that it upset her boyfriend. But while she seemed to really like him, she had no intention of putting work on the back burner. So by the end of the episode, her boyfriend broke up with her. Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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