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Cohabitational Quandary

Dear Sugar
I have a roommate who goes through my room while I'm away on business. I know because I always shut all of my doors to my room, bathroom, and closet. Now, we both have our own bathrooms, but sometimes when I get back, I find my toilet seat up (I'm a girl) and once I even found a razor, that didn't belong to me, inside a still wet shower! I've asked my roommate if she knew anything about the razor/shower incident because it was so creepy and she denied she knew anything about it. In fact, she picked up the nasty razor herself and threw it away. She even suggested calling the management, but never followed through. Now, I'm pretty sure she had something to do with these happenings and feel I have to put an end to this! My room has a lot of confidential documents and cash, so I just don't feel comfortable with this going on. One more thing I'd like to mention is that my roommate is the type of girl who will say anything to make the other person happy, no matter if she is has to lie or apologize for no wrong doing on her part. She's obviously protecting herself. Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Invaded Ilene

Dear Invaded Ilene
I know it seems juvenile but you need to put a lock on your door. And although "roomie" may be offended and puzzled, tell her that it's totally weirding you out that if it isn't her that's been in your room, closet and shower then you don't know who it could be and you want to protect your things (not to mention your cash). There is no reason for her to be in your stuff while you are away working. It's pretty nasty that she showers in your bathroom if in fact it's her that's doing it at all. I'll bet she lets her friends come and stay over while you are away and just doesn't tell you. If that's the case, they could even be sleeping in your bed and borrowing who knows what? Gross! That's pretty invasive, not to mention unhygienic.

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