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Colin Egglesfield's Role on All My Children

Colin Egglesfield's Surprising Past Role on All My Children

Tom Cruise look-alike Colin Egglefield is on his way to becoming a household name thanks to his role in Something Borrowed (out today), but he's a familiar face to fans of Melrose Place and All My Children. Before the 38-year-old landed a part in the high-profile rom-com, he played one particularly bizarre character on AMC: Erica Kane's aborted fetus. Oh, yes.

In 1973, right after abortion had been legalized in America, the soap opera broke ground when star Erica Kane had an abortion. As a rising model, Erica decided a baby would end her career. The story line was extremely bold and relatable even by today's standards, considering TV shows and movies still avoid portraying women exercising their right to choose, but it took an insanely unrealistic turn three decades later.

In 2005, Erica discovered that a well-known fertility doctor performed her 1973 abortion, but then he implanted her aborted embryo into his own wife using, of course, a revolutionary procedure. Not surprisingly this embryo, now grown man Josh Madden, found his way back to Pine Valley. The gimmicky rewrite upset fans who appreciated the daring portrayal of abortion 30 years before.


From 2005 to 2009, Colin embodied the controversial character Josh Madden. His take on the role? "It's kind of funny because when people ask me who I am on the show, I like to say, 'I'm the abortion of Erica Kane.' Or, technically, I think it's a 'transportion.'" Now you're getting technical?

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