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College Students Have Sex to Pay Off Debts

College Students Paying Off School Debts With Sex

Most college grads (myself included) decided the value of higher education was worth the load of debt we'll be carrying around with us for the next five, 10, or maybe more years to come. But what if you couldn't afford college? Would you take extreme measures, even exchange sex for money, if it meant obtaining your degree debt-free? Sadly, many young women are doing just that, as a rising number of female college students are using sugar daddy dating sites to pay off school loans.

Websites like Seeking Arrangement pair up financially strapped young women with older rich men looking for sex and companionship, and business has been booming, especially with coeds looking to pay off student loans. The site's founder estimates of the approximately 800,000 members, 35 percent are students. And once the sites discovered this niche, they began targeting and shaping their sites around desperate, debt-ridden female college students, positioning their ads on search engines when you type in phrases like "tuition help" or "financial aid" and allowing members with .edu emails upgraded membership for free.

There are countless reasons I find this trend sad and disturbing. All parties involved, but mainly the girls and the "dating" sites, refuse to call the situation what it is: prostitution. While they dance around the term by saying it's for companionship and the girls aren't the typical drug-addled, poverty-stricken stereotype, the bottom line is these young women are trading sex for money. And I don't believe the ends justify the means. The permanent psychological damage these arrangements cause from lying to their families and friends and having sex with random men is bad enough, but on top of that these young women will have to get used to real-world jobs after school that pay much less, lie to future employers about the gaps on their résumés, and worry about running into the men they've been with in professional or personal circles down the road.

If these women put the amount of time, dedication, and effort they put looking for wealthy "benefactors" into legitimate jobs, I'm sure many of them could find a responsible way to pay for school. It may not be Harvard, but we don't all get to go to Harvard. Swapping sex for tuition money seems like a misguided easy-way-out solution, when there are other viable, less-damaging ways to get a degree. What do you think of all this?

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