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Strict-on-Sex Colleges

Brigham Young University's star basketball player Brandon Davies was dismissed from the team for breaking the school's code of conduct regarding premarital sex. And while some may find BYU's stipulations shocking — no foul language; abstain from alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and drugs; no gambling, use of pornography, and homosexual behavior; no beards (?) — I actually attended a private college with similar rules ("dancing" is still listed as a no-no in our code of conduct), so I know there are other strict schools out there. Ready for more surprising collegiate sex rules?

  1. Students of the opposite sex aren't allowed to talk or interact outside of a "chaperoned" area. — Pensacola Christian College
  2. Members of the opposite sex can only visit each other's dorm rooms during certain hours and in certain areas. — Point Loma Nazarene University
  3. Members of the opposite sex cannot be alone in the bedroom on or off campus. — Liberty University
  4. Dating couples aren't allowed to do more than hold hands (one hand, not two). — Clearwater Christian College
  5. Students aren't allowed to be alone in homes or apartments with the opposite sex. — Ozark Christian College

Did you attend a rules-heavy university? What was your experience?

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