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Come Story Telling With Me! The Completed Story

Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this week's Come Story Telling With Me. And now for the completed story!

"Tori, they actually asked me to be the lead in that new reality show. . . . what do you think? Should I do it? It could be my real break!!"

"I don't know, Amy. The show is called "Truth or Dare?" They said they're going to hook you up to a polygraph and ask you personal questions. And you definitely don't want your husband finding out about..."

"Yeah, you're right," I said. "Plus, everyone hates reality show contestants. If I do it, I'm resigned for the rest of my life to be a cheesy D-list celeb. But what if I look back on it years from now and regret it? I mean I suppose in the long run D-list is better than no list at all. And things aren't really that great with me and the hubby anyway. Did I tell you about the bizarre text message I found on his cell?"

Tori gave me a surprised look and said, "Um, no!" I took a sip of my green tea latte and began, "Well, it said, 'Ralphie's 8pm Wed, drinks on me. Remember the strap on.'"

"Are you crazy?"

To read the rest of the story,

"No Tori, I wish I was. But maybe this reality show will give me the push I need to leave him for the one I really love anyways."

Tori sighed. "How is the trailer park love affair going anyway?"

"You won't believe it!" I said. "I was there last night and he was with another woman! I guess I'm really not that special after all. I don't know what to do right now. My husband never has time for me because he's always on business trips, but my trailer park-hottie is now giving me the cold shoulder because he's too manly to say he's sorry." I paused before elbowing Tory, and saying, "You know what? This latte is making me nauseated. Let's go scope out some hotties at the gym!"

Tori laughed and shrugged on her coat. "You know" she said, "maybe you won't need to go on this show after all; you're whole life is a reality show!"


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