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Come Story Telling With Me! The Completed Story

Thanks for contributing to this week's Come Story Telling With Me! Here's the completed story.

"Jen, I'm totally freaking out. I burned the roast, and his parents will be here any minute. What should I do?"

"Well that will be nothing compared to when they find out you're pregnant by your ex!"

"Oh thanks for your support Jen," I said sarcastically.

"I´m sorry, didn't mean to sound harsh, but your going to have to deal with that."

"Well at least if the roast tasted good, they would know I could MAYBE be a good cook and feed my child"

"Yeah well your parents won't be so happy when you tell them that you're a lesbian and the baby's father is Michael Jackson," Jen said.

"You know what, you better watch what you say because when I'm through working my way into this family, my baby and I are gonna be very very rich! Ok, now seriously Jen — WHAT am I going to do about the stupid roast? The whole apartment smells like crap. I'm a mess!" I whined.

"Honey, why do you think I'm your best friend? I'll be there with what was supposed to be MY delicious dinner. Just do something about the smell! Oh and by the way — I'm expecting something with reeeeeally nice for my birthday!"


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