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Come Story Telling with me!!

Welcome to DearSugar's new feature: Come Story Telling with Me!

Every Monday I am going to start the first sentence of a continuing story that you, the readers, will then finish. Do any of you remember the Choose your Own Adventure stories? This feature is quite similar-- and at the end of the week, I will post the completed story for you all to read, laugh at, and enjoy! Be sure to read the last comment and keep the story going from there. Feel free to be as imaginative and outlandish as you please, this is meant to be fun, so ladies, have at it!

Here we go:
"Ready for coffee yet?" I e-mailed Leah, "I am DYING to tell you about my crazy weekend with Jordon...."

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smp7328 smp7328 9 years
Just my luck...Angela thought as she waited in the rotunda for Geordan to come out of the courtroom. The excitement from their quick shopping trip was beginning to fade.
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
pushed back to next week.
HellooQueen HellooQueen 9 years
He handed them to her and said,"I have missed hanging out with anyone since the babies were born. You're like one of the guys Angela." After two drinks of cherry cokes and playing two games of pools with two college there, they departed ways. (No, Angela is Leah's bestfriend and wouldnt do that to Leah!!" Flashback to the present... "Well we better get back to the court." They went back to the courthouse to see how the trial went. The verdict for Lohan was
bringmeup bringmeup 9 years
out to find the perfect gift for Leah. After finding the locket and deciding to buy it and put a picture in it, they stopped by the pub down the street. Angela has always been the party girl, no stranger to drinking and having a good time. Leah never felt like doing things like that. So when Angela asked Josh to play a round of pool he was surprised. "Sure, I'll buy us a drink, go rack 'em." Angela walked over and got the table ready. Under the dim lights she looked amazing leaning down to rack the balls. Josh walked over with a couple drinks.
lattegoodness lattegoodness 9 years
She was only 6 when the accident occured. Flashes of that night still haunted her nights some days. The discordant screams of her mother yelling for help. Staring at her father's bright blue bandana he always had strangely tied around his neck as he bent over her, the smooth, almost liquid looking silver of the knife held 2 feet above her. More screeching yells. A groan... her own? Angela didn't remember. One thing she remembered as though it happened yesterday was what her father told her maniacally before slicing her hands, arms and upper torso. "Baby," he said steadily, forcing Angela's arms and legs down with her knifeless hand and a bony knee. "Baby, no one will ever love you like I love you. I'm doing this for your own good... to let those demons out. Those demons I put in you." Robert Plath had been in jail for almost 20 years now for aggravated sexual assault on a minor and 1 count of 1st degree murder of Julia Plath (Angela's mother.) The jury hadn't found enough evidence of attempted murder of Angela to add that to the sentence, but it didn't matter. Her years of promiscuisity were just one of the symptoms that were evident in her adult life of her early trauma. She sighed to herself, visibly distraught and glancing over to the fairly happy-go-lucky Leah. If only she knew. Angela knew it had been a close call when when Leah had neared the truth about her and Josh. It was weird. She loved Leah like a sister, but sometimes, it was like someone else took over her body and she just... did things. It was compulsive. It was wrong. But it gave her such a high! She thought back to that steamy night when Josh and Angela went...
msalisbu msalisbu 9 years
While trying on sexy lingerie Angela knew this was the time to boost Leah's spirits. She grabbed a nearby chemise she had been eying and told Leah to put it on. Leah stepped out of the changing room with her short, blond curls softly outlining her face her cheeks stained with an embarrassed blush. "Wow.." is all Angela could say while Leah soft smile turned into a frown. "You picked out a nice one," regarded Leah as she touched the pink chemise lined with silk white roses and pink lace. "Pink was always my color," sighed Leah. "What's WRONG with you," cried Angela. "You are a bombshell that just need a little self-confidence boost and I still have no idea what is stopping you from wanting to make wild love to the lady you are looking at in the mirror, YOU!" Leah laughed and Angela purr like a cat as Leah twirled in her new chemise. "Black Card to the rescue!" giggled Angela. As they headed out the door Angela could see Leah looking brighter and even taller and she prayed that she would stay this way. She needed some time to figure out this Geordan ordeal...Was she really prepared to settle down? Even after what had happened with her parents? Angela looked down at her left hand, gazing at the moon shaped scar...
postalromance postalromance 9 years
They walked the 27 blocks back to the car. "I feel really bad about accusing you with Josh," said Leah. "Well, I have always been a bit wild, but I'd never do that." "I know." "And you're right. I'm 34. I need to settle down a tad." "O really?" said Lead raising an eyebrow. "Well, as in settle down I mean dating one guy for awhile, and seeing where it takes me. I wont cast out marriage, as long as my husband is a sex machine, and can satisfy my many tastes." "And is Geordan that man?" "Haha, maybe." "So, how are we going to get you with Geordan, and me to beg for forgiveness from Josh?" "What if I take Grace and Caleb this weekend, and you go to this great spa with Josh? They have couple massages, mudbaths, and a huge jacuzzi in your room. Courtesy of moi." "That sounds nice." "Now that I'm being such a saint, are you going to help me with Geordan?" "Of course! Well, you obviously already have him hooked. Perhaps you should be waiting there to celebrate with him after the trial, or comfort his loss?" "Haha, well Lohan is totally guilty." The ladies then went to Anthropolgie to get come cute outfits, and then to Agent Provocateur for something more sexy underneath.
lattegoodness lattegoodness 9 years
Angela jerked her head around and squealed. Again, the whole courtroom turned around to see who was interrupting the proceedings. "Heh... sorry?" she said, turning beet red and shrinking into her chair. Once everyone lost interest in her friend, Leah gave Angela smirked at her and whispered, "Ok, scardy cat! Let's get out of here!" "Where to?" Angela whispered back. "I have an idea... just follow me, it'll be a surprise!" And with that, she led Angela as quietly as possible out of the courtroom. Strangely enough, neither women looked back to see their men being left behind...
smp7328 smp7328 9 years
"Seriously?" replied Angela, somewhat taken aback at the thought of having to miss watching her new man in action in the courtroom. "Where to?"
Danigirl77 Danigirl77 9 years
Since the birth of her baby girl Grace, she has been down. And with Caleb going off to pre-school, and thinking Josh was cheating. It was to much for her. Poor Leah. As trail went on Leah grew bored with this L- Lo non-sense..... Sheleaned into Angela and "Hey, Lets blow this joint!"
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
"I got it!" exclaimed Angela. Her sudden outburst halted the court's proceedings. She blushed and quickly hid her face behind her Birkin. Leah turned to her friend and asked, "What was that about?" "oh nothing," answered Angela gleefully. I hope LaBelle Spa Retreat has an opening this up coming weekend, thought Angela. Leah totally deserves to be pampered after going through postpartum depression.
msalisbu msalisbu 9 years
Every seat in the courtroom was filled and the noisy whispers made the courtroom seem like packed stadium. Angela handed Geordan his Italian leather briefcase and he kissed her softly on her cheek. She blushed and took a seat next to Rachael, Angela and Josh. Geordan walked to the front of the courtroom with a hop in his step since he now had Angela and his briefcase back. Angela could not help but think how nice his ass really looked in his Gucci made suit and began imagining herself in a nice, silk designer wedding dress. "Whoa..", she sighed out loud and Leah raised her left eyebrow is curiosity. Leah gave a sweet smile and then looked away. They had been friends for too long for Leah to not understand what Angela had been thinking....but why did Leah even think she would have slept with Josh? Leah was a beautiful women with Marylin Monroe hair cut that made her look like a porcelain doll. Her fair skin always showed her soft pink cheeks and her hair fell perfectly into front of her marble eyes. Then Angela had an idea, maybe a necklace wasn't what Leah really needed...
postalromance postalromance 9 years
"Save L-Lo." "Oh brother," said Angela. They had to walk 27 blocks to get to the court house through all the media. "How are we going to get through?" asked Angela. There were twenty sherrif deputies controling the crowd. Leah went up to one and said, "I am meeting my lawyer Rachel Henry today here to look at some legal work." "Why aren't you meeting at her firm?" asked the deputy. "She was having a hearing today for another case, and needed to see me asap. I wanted the paper work done right away." Leah showed him the divorce papers, and he recognized Rachel Henry's name. He let Leah and Angela up to the steps, through the doors. There in the lobby was Rachel, Geordan, two other lawyers, and Josh. "Angela!!" yelled Geordan!! He ran over to her. "I was so upset you didn't call me! I wanted to see you again, and also I left my very important briefcase at your apartment." "You didn't leave your number," said Angela. "Yes I did, on the dry errase board in the kitchen." Angela hadn't gone to the kitchen this morning. She has her breakfast at Starbucks every morning. Leah turned to Josh, "I was all wrong about the note, I'm sorry! Angela told me about the necklace." "Well there goes your surprise," said Josh. "It is ok, you're always giving me gifts, all I need is you and Caleb. They hugged eachother in an embrace and he kissed her gently. Everyone around them made an "aww noise." "Well," said Geordan, "Angela you can go sit in the back of the court if you wish. We have an important trial today." Angela went and took a seat in the courtroom. A half hour later the trial began...
HellooQueen HellooQueen 9 years
Don't tell her what? Thought Leah. This is why she had asked for a divorce. "Josh, I want a divorce." She said when they sat down for dinner four nights ago. They were having green beans and chicken. Josh just stared at her in shock, his mouth hanging open wide, and his fork midway to his mouth full of greenbeans. "..But why? We have been so happy! What about Caleb? Don't you love me? Don't you love him." "I love you with all my heart," she said and got up from the table and threw the plate into the sink. It shattered in the sink. She grabbed her car keys and had been staying at her mother's house since. She hadn't been making a call to Caleb's doctor, but to her divorce laywer sister, Rachel. Rachel had tried to tell her she is jumping to conclusions. She knew her sister's marriage wasn't like the ones she always deals with. Leah wouldn't listen though. She couldn't imagine any other reason as to why there would be a note from a mysterious "A". "A" for Amber, "A" for Amanda, "A" for Ashley she thought..."A" for Angela?? "No, it can't be my Angela" she thought. You would of never thought Angela to be a morale woman by any means. She was always bed hopping, and was quite the lush in college. But, Angela would of never have commited adultery. Not with her Josh right? "You slut," said Leah outloud to Angela without thinking. Angela thought she was kidding. "Oh come on, you have always known I like my one night stands." "I found the note you left Josh." "The one about the necklace?" "Pardon?" "I picked up a custom made locket for him, that's for you. It has a picture of Caleb on one side, and the other of him. It is 18 k white gold. OMG! You think I slept with him!? Leah! Never!!!" They now needed to rush to the court for Lindsay Lohan's trial, and to stop Rachel from writing up anymore paperwork. Outside a Lindsay Lohan fan was holding a sign that read...
msalisbu msalisbu 9 years
Angela who had insisted that she drive, took a sharp u-turn and headed back towards the coffee shop. "Where are we going?" asked Leah. "I thought we were going to find Geordan no matter what?" "Oh shhh, we are going, trust me alright," bellowed Angela as she swerved through the Lindsay Lohan fans and haters. The streets were full of old brick buildings that were now being obstructed by thousands of human bodies. Leah could not understand why this young star got so much attention but then again Leah wished she could walk down the same street and be loved and even hated by thousands. ...She loved and hated her husband... She remembers it as if it were yesterday...the long dark strand of hair that she pulls out of his sweater as she does his laundry. She thinks she is being silly; that he works with women everyday. She beings to fold his gray, Calvin and Klein slacks, the same ones he wore when he went to his knees in their engagement. And as if in slow motion, the pink note slips out of the back says three simple words... Don't tell her - A.
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
They hopped into Leah's car and hurried down to the courthouse but was unable to get through due to the enormous amount of paparazzi filling up the streets. "What are we going to do?," asked Angela. "There's no way we'd find Geordan in this chaos."
msalisbu msalisbu 9 years
As they stumbled through the crowd at Starbucks, all Leah could think about is how jealous she was of Angela's wealthy one night stand. She looked at Angela from the corner of her eye. Angela stood 5'7" tall and her long, auburn hair cascaded in waves down to her shoulder blades. Her big, hazel eyes gave the illusion of two planet earths floating in her sockets. Leah knew she was plain in comparison to Angela, with her short, blond bob and grayish-blue eyes. Her skin was much more fair is color than Angela's too. ...I wish I was a passionate sultriest, maybe then my husband and I wouldn’t be fighting over these... "Papers!..", exclaimed Leah and Angela stopped in her tracks. "What?!" , inquired Angela..."Papers?" "Oh nothing, I was just remembering some papers I had to sign for work, but they can wait," answered Leah. ...they can always wait...she thought. She had never wanted divorce.
HellooQueen HellooQueen 9 years
"We met at a party and flirted like all night. We went back to my place and had the best sex ever." "Are you going to see him again?" asked Leah. "I didnt get his number, or full name for that matter. Too bad, because I thought there was something there. He did however leave behind a briefcase with the initials "G.B.H." I then lifted up the briefcase and put it on the table. "Well then, his name is most likely George then. Did he get your number?" "No," I said sadly. "This is really nice leather. I think it is italian." She tried to open it, but it was locked. "I know, it smells lovely. Should we break it open and try to find him? I so badly want to see him again. " Leah carries around everything in her purse. Her husand, Josh, had recently given her a very expensive pocket knife. She took out a screwdriver and screwed out the screws holding the lock. The briefcase had been made for style, not security. They popped it open and inside was paper work and objects in plastic bags. "Omg he's a lawyer!! It was Geordan B. Hoffler, the top prosecutor in the state!! He is doing that high profile case against Lindsay Lohan today." Lindsay Lohan had recently been arrested, again, but this time for breaking into Philisophy cosmetics. It had stuned the media recently as to why. "Geordan?" I asked. "His parents are loaded and his father's name was Georgan, an his mother Jordan. His siblings are Georgianna, Skye, and Taylor. The own a hotel chain across Europe, but like it here in the US. Geordan wanted to do more than be an heir, and went to Yale." When Leah was pregnant she spent time reading all about socialites. "Well, we better get down to the courthouse then and get him his briefcase."
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
Leah stops Angela midway through her story. "wait wait wait... what!? are you serious?!" Leah exclaimed. "of course not!" reassured Angela, "I was trying to shock you so you wouldn't think about the problems you're blowing out of proportion since we both know consoling you doesn't work. you know i love you Leah and will always be there for you whenever you need me." "goodness gracious! i was starting to think you've gone crazy with that story of yours! so tell me what really happened with Jorden or Goerge or whatever the heck his name is... haha," said Leah.
reese05 reese05 9 years
was bloody and when she removed her blindfold she saw that they hit a man. They quickly rushed to see is the man was badly hurt. "Oh my God!" Angela exclaimed. She was also surpised to see that the man they hit is her ex-boyfriend. "Travis are you okay?" Angela said while her trembling hands touched the face of the man they hit.
msalisbu msalisbu 9 years
Jordon's truck rumbled down the old dirt road as the blindfold tugged uncomfortably at Angela's hair. She strained her neck with the hope that it might loosen the cloth's unyielding grasp but with each bump she began to forget about the black and green stripped blindfold. "Where are we going?" begged Angela. "We have at least been driving for 3 hours and as being the one who is temporarily blind I demand some freedom for me eyes." Jordon only laughed and told Angela that their destination was only just around the bend but as they turned the sharp corner a huge blur cascaded upon their windshield and glass was now covering the blindfold that had transformed into her protection instead of her momentary handicap. "Oh shit, oh my god, Angela are you okay?" cried Jordon. "Wh-what did we hit?" squeaked Angela and as she reached up to untie her bittersweet companion she felt it...
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
"i am jumping from one bed to another at a pace that would stand freud's hair on end. your son is beautiful, healthy and adores his wonderful mommy. stop already. you can live the wild life through me! now listen to MY story..."
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
"I totally understand but you gotta remember not everything's greener on the other side of the fence. Granted we always had a blast in the past but remember all the heartache you were put through? Look at what you have now," I said with a smile. "I on the other hand..."
rubialala rubialala 9 years
"Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez. What is your problem?" I was shocked. Leah had never responded this way to my flings before. Leah burst into tears. "I'm sorry," she sobbed. "I've just been so jealous lately because I've been tied down with Josh and the baby. I miss our fun time together and I'm stressed about the baby and working. I'm so sorry." Okay, so this was new. I carefully thought about it and then said...
HellooQueen HellooQueen 9 years
She arrived 15 minutes late. I had already ordered my mochiato, and she went and ordered a white blueberry unsweetened shaken iced tea. She sat down and it began to rain outside. "So what was the big hold up?," I asked Leah. "I was making an appointment for Caleb." Caleb was her three year old son. Leah just recently went back to work since having him. She had been freaking out ever since he has started pre-school. She cant stand being away from him for a full 8 hrs. She is constantly making appointments for him, always worried he has caught something from another child. "Well I want to tell you all about Jordon! Or wait...was his name George? Haha--" "Angela!? Are you ever going to grow up! You're 34! What's up with all of the flings all the time!?," Leah screamed at me.
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