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Come Story Telling with me!!! The Completed Story

I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

I woke up with the sun pouring through the blinds...My head was throbbing and my mouth was very dry. As I slowly opened my eyes, the blurry memories of the previous night came rushing back...did I really make out with that fireman in front of my crush??!!! I reached over to my nightstand to grab my blackberry and called Katie in hopes of piecing the jumbled up night together. Only my blackberry wasn't there....crap!! Why was I such a hard partyier??? I sat up immediately, where was my purple Miu Miu handbag??? I scanned my bedroom to notice that it wasn't my bedroom at all! What have I done? I rolled over as slowly and quietly as possible to get my barrings, and low and behold, I was in the fireman's bed. I laid back, put the covers over my head and shut my eyes in disbelief. Just as I was about to come up with a plan to get out of there before he got up, my fireman grabbed me and, gave me the most passionate morning kiss I have ever experienced. Then he pulled away and said "I'll make us some breakfast". He got up leaving the covers on the bed.

I couldn't seam to resist looking at his rear end as he left the room. Just as I was checking him out, he turned around and I noticed he was still quite excited. My heart started to beat fast as I tried to remember the sex that we had last night. Before I could think he jumped back into bed and said breakfast is going to have to be lunch, "I just got called in to work, but help yourself to anything you want, I'll be back in a flash" and hopped out of bed, into his uniform (which did I mention he looked way too hot for words in) and ran out the door. I looked around the bedroom to take everything in and realized this guy couldn't be so bad! I mean, he knew how to decorate considering it looked like page two through twenty six of the pottery barn catalog. Just when I had a good feeling about this, I saw a picture that caught my eye on his nightstand, a picture that made my spine itch, it was a picture of my youngest cousin, Carrie, who had just graduated from college within the past month. The very same picture had been mailed to me and reluctantly stuck to the fridge. I ran past him, guarding the door.

"Who the hell is this?" I shouted, near hysterics. "It's my colleague's daughter?" he said, a little off balance, probably wondering why he'd spent the night with a crazy person. "I've known this kid practically since birth, and her father is my best friend. And knowing that this girl has followed through on her dreams, I can too." Touched by his sweet, even if a little strange story, I let him through and made my way to the kitchen, feeling rather silly for not remembering my uncle was in fact a fire chief in a nearby town. He followed me and said "Last night was so amazing, I will forgive your insecure little outburst. Please stay for lunch." He gently kissed my lips and left the house. I helped myself to some coffee he had already brewed and contemplated whether I should stay. After having my coffee and toast I decided to give Katie a call on his house phone.

“Hey Katie… you might not believe this, but I spent the night with that hot firefighter from last night! “Oh my god,” Katie gasped. “Don’t you know that everyone was talking about how good you two looked together?! So, where are you? Can I come pick you up so we can get coffee and re-cap the night?" I took a moment to figure out if I wanted to leave and then thought to myself, what the hell. "Katie, I am still at his place and he asked me to stay for lunch, so coffee is going to have to wait!!! Just as I hung up the phone I heard a knock at the door. I peeked out and saw a woman-cute, blonde hair, nice tan, low cut shirt with what HAD to be an expensive set of fakies, my heart was saying I shouldn't get jealous that this may indeed NOT be the one who the fireman is actually dating mental note to self: find out fireman's name anyway, I am trying to figure out whether or not I should open the door when I hear the noise of a key being fit into the lock. I freeze, unable to decide whether I should go to the closet or shut myself in the bathroom. I hear the lock catch and before I could run and hide, I was face to face with a very surprised looking woman.

"Oh, sorry to barge in like this," she said, sticking out her hand ready for a shake, "I'm Michelle, the nanny for Nick's daughter. She's at her Mom's today but apparently she forgot his favorite blanket at Dad's place, so here we are." With half of the introduction out of the way, I relaxed a little bit, and said oh yes. He asked ME to drop that off for Nicky. You drive and I'll take shot-gun. we can chat on the way." I was going to find out all I could from this woman. I introduced myself, dressed quickly and we got in her car. I started asking questions, trying not to be obvious. He was 32, single, wanting to get married and have more kids. Nicky's mom cheated on him 3 years ago and his heart had just healed enough to try again. he was so lonely, and depressed. He seemed like the absolute perfect man. But, as we chattered on, it seemed he had his flaws. Turns out, he was a sex addict. I opened my mouth in shock and said "No way! I'm a recovering sex addict as well!" Michelle glanced, up, surprised at my enthusiastic admission, and said, "Well, I guess you have a lot in common then." She paused, considering her words. "I try to stay out of his business, but you seem nice, so I'll tell you this. You aren't the first person I've found alone at his place on a Sunday morning, and no offense, but I'm sure you won't be the last."

I felt a pang of jealousy as she said that, but then I thought about it well, he brought me back here and he has brought others back also so maybe I can change the future part. Then she said "But you are the only one that has ever wanted to come to his ex's house...." then, I added "and can we not tell her about the circumstances in which you found me?" She said sure as we pulled into the driveway. Suddenly I was sick with panic. Am I insane?? What am I doing here? Meeting some guy's ex who I just had a one night stand with? Why do I always get stuck in these crazy circumstances. What would the fireman say when he finds out. Thinking fast I undid my seat belt, opened the card door, and jumped out. Thank goodness we were at a stop light, I thought, as I ran, fists pumping, down the sidewalk in the middle of a quiet, tree-lined suburban street. I heard a horn honking ahead of me and I tried not to look, but it was persistent and getting louder. I finally turned to see who was honking, and could not believe who I saw! It was Katie, to the rescue! She slammed on her breaks and I opened her car door and jumped inside. "Oh my god, what are you doing???" Katie asked, looking at me like I was crazy. "Katie, I am going to drop off the fireman's daughters blanket as his ex wife's house! What am I doing?? Thank god your here, this is all just too much too soon. Will you drive me by the firestation so I can say goodbye to him and finally put this day to an end?" Katies obliges and off we go.

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shy_baby shy_baby 10 years
HMMMMM, all together this is a pretty good story. Once I started reading it, I had to finish it. GOOD JOB to all the contributors!
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