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Come Story Telling with me!!! The Completed Story

I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

This short week keeps throwing me off, I thought to myself as I unlocked my front door. Pushing the door open, I took my heels off, relieved. "Hmmm..." I said to myself. Today was Friday, time to relax! I made my way into the kitchen and poured a glass of water, and looked at the calender. "Meeting with client, check. Doctor appointment..check." I said. My eyes trailed to Friday, today. "OH NO!" I shrieked... I stared blankly at the calender, staring at the words "Boss coming for dinner at 6:45." It was already 4:20. what was I going to do?? Wait! I remembered reading something about hosting a no fail impromptu dinner party on YumSugar earlier at work! I ran over to my computer to open firefox when an email notification side tracked me. My gmail notifier was telling me I had an email from John, asking if 7:00 was good for dinner tonight. Apparently this was going to be more complicated than I thought! Normally I'd just cancel, but this was a date I'd been looking forward to for two weeks, and the ONLY chance I had to see him before we both left for vacation!

I cant cancel on my boss, and I cant cancel on him so I guess the only thing to do is to really turn it into a dinner party. I clicked the reply and typed in "6:30--my apartment, I want to cook something special," I didn't want to make it too conspicuous. I immediately ran over to my purse and grabbed my blackberry to send out immediate invites to some coworkers and some friends to make it seem like a real dinner party. It wasn't long before I had 7 RSVP "Yes's" and 5 "No's." I ran to the freezer and searched through to find ingredients for something tasty.

The choices were scant. Microwave burritos, microwave pizzas, and ice cream were all that lay lonely in my freezer. I frowned and closed the freezer. "What a predicament I've gotten myself into," I sighed. I stood still for a minute with my hand to my forehead. I walked to the phone. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I dialed my mother for help. She picked up and of course "Of course ill help you," she said. "Meet me at the grocery store and we will whip something up." I grabbed my keys and bolted out to the car. I drove down the street with the trees passing by and the thoughts on my mind. What did I get myself into? I pull into the busy parking lot. The mesh of car stereos and summer heat mesh into my head. Gangster rap, Avril Lavigne, and my guilty pleasure Madonna all collide. I see a vacant spot. I parked the car, but before I ventured outside I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I can do this, I can do this."

That was my mantra for the day. Right in front of the grocery entrance was my mother, looking happy as ever. One would think she took a shot of botox in the face while she was smiling. I loved the woman and all, but as I walked up to her she was already criticizing me.

"Darling you know you should be more prepared for situations like this, didn't I teach you better?", she said staring at me up and down. "I hope your going to do something with that hair of yours", she said as she pointed out my roots. My mother is always quick to point out my flaws. We made our way through the store and my mother was going on, and on about some dinner plate recipe she saw on Martha Stewart. " I think you should serve your guests simple finger foods to start", she said while taking a sample of the gourmet cheese. "Something light and easy" She kept going on her own tirade of how she wants to prepare my dinner. Dealing with this my whole life I figured how to ignore my mother.

It felt like our trip to the grocery store had taken a lifetime as we walked up and down every single aisle, my eyes staring into space, envisioning the dinner disaster. I looked at my watch and we'd been there 30 minutes. The cart was already loaded with an assortment of fancy cheeses, bottles of wine, and a variety of random foods I never thought I'd find myself cooking. I rushed my mother to the checkout and the bill made my jaw drop. Thankfully, my sweet, sweet mother paid for everything. Progress had been made.

Back at home I got down to business. I remembered something I had read on YumSugar about setting up stations of food so I set the cheeses and salami on the island in the kitchen and the olives and blueberries on a counter at the other end near the entrance way. Next I turned to the refrigerator to get out the chilled wine. I put it in the ice bucket and glanced around. What am I missing? It's 6:15, crap I forgot to get dressed. I run to my room to slip on my red strapless dress that was hanging on the back of my door. I looked in the mirror ans gawked because I had forgotten my boss was coming over too, not just my boyfriend. I ran back to my closet and grabbed a black knee length dress that always flattered me, put on some black pumps and quickly ran to the bathroom where I had ten minutes to put on some makeup. Just as my lipstick was painted on I heard the doorbell. Crap! I took one last look at myself and decided to grab the hairspray flip my head over and give it a little volume. As I ran to the front door, I hit the stereo to play a little music to set the mood. As I got to the door, I stopped, took a deep breath and put on my biggest "So glad to have you over" look and opened the door.

Thankfully, it was Samantha, my work best friend. After a fit of laughs I filled her in on the situation. She said she would help me keep our boss occupied while I was able to put in face time with John. I don't know how but she convinced me to change back into the red dress. Although Samantha reassured me that the red dress was safe enough to wear for the dinner, I couldn't help thinking that nevertheless it was inappropriate for a work-related dinner. I surveyed myself in the mirror and pushed a piece of hair behind my ear. I kept the dress on.

About an hour after Samantha arrived, the doorbell rang time after time. It wasn't long before the seven guests, including my boyfriend and boss arrived. My boss walked in with a ruffled look on his face, seeing a group of other people. Then I realized I forgot to tell him that others were coming. 'Um.. er.. hi Rachel. How are you?" he asked, clearly perplexed with the other guests in my apartment. "Great. Thanks for coming." I immediately pulled him into the room and introduced him to the others. hen he asked if he could speak to me, "outside". I said sure, but was getting a bit nervous over why he seemed upset there were other guests here, and why he needed to speak to me outside. When we reached the back door he said "Rachel, the reason I wanted to have dinner tonight was because I wanted to discuss with you..."

"OMG" I thought to myself. Um.. OK.. calm down.. ".. that I think you would be perfect for the position. And I wanted us to talk about the process of applying and essentially transitioning as my right-hand person." I'm sure I must have looked like an idiot. I stared him in the eyes with my head slightly tilted, looking confused. He coughed in the midst of an awkward silence and that seemed to wake me up. I started. "Oh my. Well -- I had no idea. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I really do appreciate it." I glanced sideways nervously and said, "I apologize for the presence of the other guests. If I had known the importance of the dinner, I would have made sure that the environment was a bit more professional."

"That is okay. I kind of like the atmosphere and it will be some nice mingling and networking with some of your fellow workers. Who else is here?"

Then I remember my boyfriend ws bringing over 10 of his old college buddies and a beer keg! OMG, I thought to myself....what am I going to do??? I frantically try to call my boyfriends cell phone....4 times, and no answer. I racked my brains to think, did I know any of his college buddies? Think, think! I called Samantha discreetly to my side and filled her in on John and the beer keg. "But I thought you said it was a date?" she said with a look of disbelief painted on her face. Yeah that's what I thought too! You need to stall them at the door...or better yet in the lobby downstairs. Tell John to come up, I want him to meet my boss but his friends cannot come in!" She laughed at the fact I was getting so worked up over this and replied with "Okay okay! Don’t worry, I am sure I can keep them all occupied downstairs with me." She sarcastically smiled and walked out of the kitchen. Samantha said she would be stepping out to the other guests and as she turned to the door I could see her spray some perfume on her neck and pull down the front of her dress a little bit...leave it to sam to be promiscuous in the face of an emergency.

After she left I grabbed the wine bottle and went around to refill glasses and to mingle. It wasn’t long before I heard the door open and saw John walking in. Thankfully walking in solo with some flowers and a big smile. He looked gorgeous, a pair of khaki slacks, a mint polo shirt and his sandy hair tousled with a little gel. I prayed to whatever God existed and thanked him/her that he hadn't shown up in a basket ball shirt and sneakers. At least he looked smart but casual! I came up to him with an obvious look of relief on my face.

"Sorry about the gang," he whispered sensually in my ear. "Forget about it!" I replied and hastily introduced him to my boss. "Joe?" he said. "Uh, you two know each other?" I said. "That's my son." My eyes opened wide. "OH.MY.GOD." I thought to myself. Could this ruin my promotion, or my relationship??

I just smiled, and Joe blurted in...
"Yeah Dad, she's my girlfriend, we've been together for a bit now." My boss kind of looked shocked, then said he couldn't of chosen a better girl for his son. I took a deep breath, so relieved.

The only way I could think to break the ice... "Well everyone, dinner is served!!"

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heyilovey0u heyilovey0u 10 years
this is one of my favorites!
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
cute story:)
davie-k davie-k 10 years
Just one minor point... we repeated ourselves! :S The boyfriend comes in twice! Oh well.. I guess it doesn't really matter! :)
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