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Come Story Telling with me!!! The Completed Story

I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

I can't believe I did it, I can't believe I got in-between their friendship like that but I couldn't help myself. Someone had to stand up for her. I've known her since she was in 2nd grade and she is like my little sister after all. He called her a f*cking b*tch, what did he expect me to do, sit there and say nothing??? Still I couldn't help but feeling like I should have slapped his smug face too. He IS my brother, but he had it coming. Honestly, how many times do they have to get into a non sense argument about the power rangers.. like they are sooo over rating the awesomeness of the black ranger, everyone knows the pink one rules. No sooner had the words left my mouth when I heard this very strange noise coming from the backyard. I looked out the window and all thoughts of power rangers, fights, and my little brother fled from my mind as I watched my older brother and his new soccer team strip down to use the pool. Immediately I started to drool.

I grabbed my suit, ran outside to lay out and do a little flirting. I had them eating out of my hand when I began to put sun tan oil on myself. I layed down and put on my darkest sunglasses so I could just stare at them without them ever knowing. Just as I was getting really comfortable, I heard our gate latch open and the giggling of girls...Oh it couldn't be girls that would want to ruin this perfect opportunity to have all these beautiful boys at once could it? But it was. The cheerleaders all walked in screaming "Hi" wearing their Juicy Couture bikinis and played the "Don't splash me! I don't want my hair wet!" game. That was my game and I invented it! I'm not letting these girls ruin my afternoon so I decided to let my little brother's tarantula loose in the backyard. I knew it would scare them away, but I didn't expect my arachnophobia to kick in. My breathing got tight and my chest starting pumping - I jumped in the pool to calm myself down. But wait -- where did my Eres bathing suit top go?

I quickly grabbed my top before anybody saw and once the girls were all gone, I asked the boys to jump in the pool with me. We were all having a good time splashing around in the pool when my top fell off again. "I really need to get a more reliable bathing suit" I thought to myself, as once again, covered myself off. I grabbed my towel and retreated upstairs to change.

I showered, put on a sundress and twisted my hair up into a loose bun. I returned to the backyard where someone dressed in a black power rangers suit was talking to all my cute boys! Honestly I thought, what does a girl have to do to have a little peace and quiet with some male attention? I walked up behind the costumed one and tried to place the voice. omg! it was crazy Tom Cruise!

He was just finishing up telling the guys how after he tanked his career with his insanity, he had to make a little more money on the side to pay his way up the Scientology ladder so he was now doing kids' birthday parties. I didn't want to get sucked into the crazy talk, so I started to walk back to the house.

Suddenly I saw the spider I let out of the house crawling right to me! With my quick thinking, I screamed, jumped up and down like a crazy person and ran back toward the boys. I mean with that kind of reaction, all the attention should be back to me. One of the boys yelled "Oh no! Xenu must be controlling her mind! Quick, Tom, call him off!"

Tom just stood there. Then, the cutest of my brother's teammates, Sam, ran over and caught the tarantula under a cup. "Oh, thank goodness!" I sighed. Tom demanded that he be allowed to eat the poor thing with a special dipping sauce created with pool water, sun screen and sauce. A huge fight broke out; half the guys thought Tom should be allowed to do this and the other half were totally opposed. What a scene, there was no backing down. Someone had to make a decision, and fast!

I picked up my brand new iphone and called my good friend George Bush. Surely he'd know what to do! After all, he is "the decider". After two rings, he picked up the phone with a cheerful "Howdy". I told him the problem, and he told me he didn't have time to break up this argument as he was on his nieces fashion show. I was just fed up beyond believe. "I am staying out of this guys -- when you're done being immature little boys, you know where to find me."

As I walked back upstairs, I realized I was late for dinner with the girls. I grabbed my purse and headed out to the square. On my way, I thought to myself, "thank god for my girlfriends, they are so much more fun than pining for male attention."

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wistfuldreamer wistfuldreamer 10 years
I was never a "hot" girl until I got out of the area I grew up in and met people who hadn't known me (and my twin brother) all my life. I was completely unprepared for all the attention I received and loved it. When I went back home, suddenly there were rumors of how "hot" I had gotten. . .I even heard one guy say I filled out like a Playboy bunnie (though I was still the same bra size as before!) and I think it's from the confidence I got from knowing that men thought I was attractive. I might be able to understand the fast metabolism for about 10% of celebrities, because statistically, that's about the percentage of our population that has an increased metabolism. Basically, most women have a natural beauty. . .but it can take a lot to look coverworthy!
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