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Come Story Telling with me!!! The Completed Story

I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

"Just call him, thank him, and get it over with -- when did you become such a baby?" "When did you become such a controlling sister??" "Oh come one, I've been a controlling b*tch for the last 27 years, don't pretend you aren't familiar with my personality traits. You are just stalling." My sister thrust her iphone at me. I took a deep breath, grabbed the phone from her, dialed, and slowly held it to my ear. He picked up on the second ring, "hello?" The lump in my throat was too big. I couldn't say anything. I made a funny noise, hung up and stormed out of the room. My persistent sister followed me, of course, the whole way, saying "Well that was brilliant. Too bad it's not 1985 when everyone in the world didn't have caller ID. You need to call back, pronto, and explain that your service went wonky."

Sadly, I knew she was right, so I manned up and re-dialed the phone. As he answered I took a deep breathe and gave my biggest "Hello!" A long pause stretched for what felt like one hundred years and I heard him say "Victoria? Is that you?" I looked at my sister who was smirking at the thought of this and I went on with it. "Yeah its me. I was just calling because I think we need to talk. I mean get together like grown ups, maybe go get a bite to eat and talk. Its nothing too bad--but its news." I could hear the questioning in his silence. "Okay. I guess if this is important then how about you meet me at the corner of Birch when I get off work?" We both agreed and hung up.

My stomach began to sink to my feet at the thought of what I had to tell him How would he react? He and Jack had been friends for over 20 years! I knew I couldn't put this conversation off very much longer. I threw on my Seven jeans and darkest sunglasses and headed for our meeting place. Of course, he hadn't identified which corner of Birch to meet at. He didn't have to. We had a relationship to that space -- *that* corner -- and as I neared the spot, I couldn't help but replay that unforgettable moment there years ago, when the two of us sat, ate and talked for hours.. like the future was no holds barred.... but things change right??? I mean who would have thought that he would break up with me, and that I would turn around and fall in love with his childhood best friend. Jack had spoken with Roger earlier in the week, and Roger had given Jack his blessing.

I was just supposed to call Roger to thank him for being cool about me and Jack, but as soon as I heard his voice I knew that we needed to meet up instead. I was starting to doubt my decision as I stood waiting on our special corner, when I saw him pull up. Then I knew it was the right thing to do. This closure needed to happen in person. He walked up and said, "Hi." "Hi," I said back. He gave me a hug and I could hear him smell my hair. I gently pushed him away. I didn't think that after he broke up with me that he might still had feelings for me. Although, I remembered sadly that we didn't break up because we stopped loving each other, we broke up because he couldn't handle feeling like nothing anymore as I kept getting promoted from one high position to another so quickly in my advertising job while he struggled to find one. He was never too happy that I would drag him to so many company parties and feel isolated from my coworkers and he felt that I was being insensitive by taking him to places that he couldn't afford.

When we ended the relationship, I still had lingering feelings for him. Now here we are, staring each other and trying to see who would break the awkward silence first. The second I decided to speak first, he said "How's work?" I answered, "things are going well, how are things going for you?" He answered back, "you know it's the usual" -- and then awkward silence. Gosh, how I dread this feeling. I thought why am I doing this to myself and to him...and I just smiled...well sort of..and then I said "Look, I heard you're fine with me dating Jack, but I had to know in person that you were."

"I'm fine with you dating Jack, Emma," he said, cracking a smile. "We broke up and you moved on obviously." I was surprise that he seems so content at the moment. I guess he really IS fine with it and has move on. Suddenly a leggy blonde yells for Roger's name. Roger lit up and had a huge smile on his face.
"I have to get going, Em," he said tapping my arm. "I'll see you around." And just like that, he started to run towards the woman, leaving me all confused. Confused not because of how he is acting or who is the leggy blonde female was, but confused because the minute I saw him exchanging a happy smile with the woman I could have sworn I wanted to be her. I wanted to smile back at Roger and drive away together. I pushed any thoughts of Rodger and the leggy blonde from my mind as I watched them speed away. She most certainly does not have a job of my stature! I glanced at my iphone for the time and realized I was late for my date with Jack! I rushed to my new little, sporty BMW and immediately phoned Jack to tell him I would be a few minutes late.

I still couldn't get the picture of Roger and that leggy blonde out of my head! I really hope that Jack smiles that big when he sees me. Speeding away, a huge SUV drifts over into my lane and nearly collides with me. I lay on the horn with one hand and give my best obscene gesture with the other. Suddenly I realize that it's Jack's mom, and Jack is in the car with her. Ugh, could this day get any worse? I thought to myself probably not! Then we both arrived at Jack and my favorite restaurant for lunch. We were both parking our cars and I thought to myself how will I respond when they ask me what was wrong with me. Why was I speeding? Where was I coming from? Why if I was, was I angry? Gosh, all the possible answers circulating my mind along with the picture of Roger and the leggy blonde does this mean I'm still in love with Roger? More questions.

As I got out of my car, Jack's mother was telling me how a horrible woman gave them a finger in the road. I thought to myself "Well maybe you shouldn't cut people in the road while you're driving?" Argh! I can't believe how crabby I have become so suddenly. I need to calm down and just forget about Roger and that woman. We headed inside the restaurant and sat down to our table. I looked through the menu, my eyes fixed directly to the dessert section. "I need all the sweets I can get tonight," I thought to myself. Suddenly Jack's mom pointed out that Roger and a woman were sitting three tables behind us. I gasped so hard and have never felt so uncomfortable. "Hey, that's Serena! She went to high school with us. I always thought Roger couldn't let her go"

All of the sudden I couldn't breathe. Had Roger been thinking of this girl the entire time we were together? Had he left me for her!? After I had begun to breathe, I caught Roger's eye. He gave me a coy smile and shrugged his shoulders slightly. Serena then turned around and gave me a look that could kill. Wow...this was going to an uncomfortable lunch to say the least. As my gaze turned back to Jack, I noticed that he too was looking at someone very intensely. And that someone wasn't me. I followed Jack's gaze all the way to Regina and wondered what on earth was going on here. First my ex, and now my current boyfriend can't keep his eyes off other girls! Signing, I flagged down the waitress and ordered a glass of wine. This day was turning out to be too much to handle.

All of a sudden, the mystery woman walked right up to our table and wrapped her hands around Jack's neck. I almost chocked on the piece of bread that was in my mouth until Jack said, "Emma, I am so excited to finally introduce you to my cousin Grace!!" With a huge sigh of relief, I got out of my chair and gave her the biggest hug I could muster out of my flustered body. "It's so nice to meet you Grace, you have no idea!" Just as we all sat back down, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Roger and Miss Blondey herself slithered out of the restaurant without saying good bye. My glass of wine came and I thought to myself, this day is going to turn out OK after all!

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