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I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

"Honey, no, I literally can't eat another bite." I was so stuffed after one of the most amazing meals of my life. I actually forgot how romantic my cute hubby could be, especially since he is the one that always forgets our anniversary. I don't know what warranted this sudden change in our routine, but I was so happy it had happened. Oh, and did I mention the fabulous meal? I can't believe he got us a table at The Ivy at such short notice.

"Well, alright darling, you don't have to try my creme brulee. If you are so full how about I ask for the check and whisk my gorgeous wife out of here?" I nodded looking up into the dark pools of deep green that were his eyes, how can a gal be so lucky? Within minutes we were seated in his black Ferrari but instead of turning towards our house in the hills he moved towards the ocean. "Honey where are we going now?" I wondered aloud what more surprises lay ahead. "Darling," he replied, "We are young and in love. Is it so wrong I want to treat my special lady with a surprise? Now keep your eyes closed and I will tell you when to open them." Oh how I love him, however, there is no way I can keep my eyes shut! I had to take a peak every couple minutes but soon it had gotten too dark and I really had no idea where we were He'd always been so good at surprising me, even when we first met. And even though we knew each other so well, he still always was able to catch me off guard, and I'm not the kind of person who's easy to surprise.

So imagine my shock when I opened my eyes and found that we were at a wife swapping party. After all this romance and this is where he takes me. I look up at him in utter disbelief! What? You brought me where??? Am I not good enough for you? You want to sleep with other women? I was so shocked I started to feel nauseous, and I didn't know whether to wade through all of the wives to the bathroom or run back to the car. Just when I start to get really angry I look around closely. Wait a sec, could it be? No way! Before I had time to say anything Ashton Kutcher runs out of nowhere and yells, "You've Been Punked!!!!" Oh my god. I'm going to kill him! And my husband, I should have known this was too good to be true! I can't help but laugh and say "Okay, you got me this time. Where's the bathroom? I really need to figure out how I could have been chosen to be punked. I'm not even famous! I check my makeup in the bathroom mirror and run my fingers through my hair. I peek out the bathroom door and see that there are no camera crews, only Ashton Kutcher. I ask him, "Was I really just punked?" He responds, "Well, not officially for Mtv, but your husband is with Demi so you can decide.

"What? My husbands with Demi? I don't understand, like with her with her, or just hanging out with her? What's going on here?" I feel my face turn bright red and I get very dizzy. Is this all a dream or am I a little hung over from the daiquiri I had at dinner? Suddenly something explodes inside of me. I grab Ashton Kutcher by the collar of his shirt and I realized I needed to use the restroom a little too late. As I was on camera, beginning to ask Ashton where the toilet is, I felt a moist warmth and then realized the spiggot was beginning to open! In horror, I ran toward what would seem to be a bathroom, only it was a closet. I slammed the door shut and turned on the light switch. Leaning against the side wall of the linen closet, I grasped a pillowcase and prayed to the gods of pee to grant me this one favor.

Suddenly, I heard a click in the wall and felt it begin to shift under my shoulder. I jumped back and stared at the door knob, pushing it with all my might, until I heard Jack's voice. "Honey -- I am so sorry, this was suposed to be a joke! I know how much you adore Ashton, I was trying to surprise you! I am sure you are really confused right now, but if you were to just come outside, you would see what's really going on -- everyone is here for US, this is a surprise party for our anniverery! Honey, please come out of the closet."

As I was listening to this nonsense, my urge to go to the bathroom subsided, I gave my hair a quick shake, opened the door, and low and behold, there were all my friends, all of my family, and non other than Ashton himself carrying a huge arrangement of flowers just for me. Everyone yelled surprise and as furious as I was at my husband, I made it a point to enjoy myself -- he will have to pay later, in the bedroom that is!

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