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Come Story Telling with me!!! The Completed Story

I hope you all enjoyed this new feature as much as I did! Your wild imaginations made for a great story line! To read the completed tale you all helped create,

As I slammed down the phone I could feel my face flush with pure anger I can't believe she had the nerve to set her wedding date on the same day as mine! If I had the nerve I would've knocked her out! I could feel the tears coming so I took a few deep breaths and said my social security number backwards. I had to focus on work right now. So I turned to my computer, opened my e-mail, and saw a message from my boss. She said, "I know that this is short notice, but I need to see you in my office ASAP. There are several things that we need to discuss."

I grabbed my yellow legal pad and blue pen, and went in to her office. Why was I sweating profusely all of a sudden? "Please close the door," she said. I sat down in the chair across from her desk. What I wouldn't give for this view, I thought. "What's up?" I said casually?

"Emily," my boss said looking me straight in the eyes, "you have been doing such an amazing job lately that we have decided to give you a promotion! Congratulations!" "Really?" I said, "That's great, but, uh, isn't that job stationed in London?" "yes," my boss said "is that a problem?" "Of course not. It's amazing. Thank you." Emily said but what she was really thinking was, "A destination wedding in London will top them all, especially hers."

I went on the Evite website and did a mass invite to my wedding explaining that I would be sending the real invitations later. Perhaps if I got mine out before her more people would go to mine. In the midst of my anger, I even sent one out to her. The next day I got a call from her. "Hi Emily," she said, with so much fake sweetness it could give you diabetes. "Just got your evite, sweetie. 'Course I can't come, you know... Jared and I are so busy with wedding planning and all that. Can't wait till our honeymoon in Milan... Jarad rented out an entire villa! Did he ever take you to a villa, Emily, hmm?" Emily cringed, thinking back to the days of her and Jarad's tumultuous relationship if she only knew what we did before they got engaged. I wish I could just rub it in her face how he thinks I am a better lover than she is. The ignited passion between us that stemmed from the mutual contempt we had towards each other. I guess what they say is true: there's a thin line between love and hate. "Haha, no he never took me to a villa, but we had a most amazingly hot weekend together in Paris, Dans le Ritz" I said, using my most excellent french accent. "In fact, it was him not me who ended up begging for more. Anyways, Matt is a much more generous lover and our wedding is taking place in London..."

I tried not to smile but it was all too true. I could hear her breathing, she was angry. I could tell things were going to get competitive and ugly. It was going to be a battle of the weddings. I was almost ashamed of myself for being this determined to make my wedding better! Besides, she had no idea that I had already hired her sister, who was a personal trainer, to help me look and feel amazing on my wedding day. Which reminds me, I have to go meet her soon to discuss my pre-wedding workout program plan. "Listen hun, I actually have to run. Gotta look super skinny for the wedding," she said. "Yeah you could lose a pound or two or ten," I said as b*tchy as I could before she hung up. I then began thinking to myself about the weight I have been gaining lately. I have been trying to lose weight, and unable to. I have already cancelled four of my morning classes due to feeling sick. Wait could can't be pregnant can I? I better not be! I can't have my fabulous London wedding looking like a blimp! Amanda would surely love to see my wedding fail and all the rumors she'll spread! Oh dear god. hopefully it's just pre-wedding weight due to the stress of planning this.

I can't handle the fact that my future mother-in-law is wanting me to wear her old wedding dress! It's the most hideous dress ever and probably won't even fit me since his mother is larger. What am I going to do I thought to myself. Problems are already arising out of nowhere. I took a breath, laid down on my bed, and completely passed out! I awoke to the intoxicating smell of my fiancee cooking dinner. I couldn't shake the dream I just had, well, if you could call it a dream, more like a sleep panic attack. Flashes of me, in a hideous wedding gown, half of my guests not showing because London is crazy far, and my 'friend' laughing her holier than thou ass off at my misguided attempt at being 'better'. I got up and tipped toed over to the kitchen. I wanted to catch of glimpse of my fiance cooking without him knowing I was watching. I couldn't control my laughter as I saw him dancing around the kitchen to a popular Michael Jackson song. It was in that moment that everything came together -- he is definitely the love of my life. How could I ever doubt that he was the one for me. When he proposed I took a week to give him an answer. He proposed over cell phone while he was on tour. I didn't think he was serious at first. I told him I need a ring and a bended knee and he had the nerve to say I wasn't special enough! Luckily he was joking. God, how amazing will our life be together? After he noticed I was watching he laughed and motioned for me to sit at the table.

After eating, I told him about London. He was ecstatic! But I had to make sure of one thing: I wasn't pregnant. I told my love I was going out to Walgreen's and would be right back. I didn't want to alarm him. When I got back, before I could get the door fully shut I dashed into the bathroom. After 15 minutes of waiting the test read... Pregnant. OMG I AM PREGNANT. Well, maybe now by the time of the wedding, I will have to wear my mother-in-laws dress after all. I decided to tell Matt right then and there. I stormed out of the bathroom and up to Matt.

"What's wrong luv?" "I'm pregnant." He looked at me and just stared. Literally, just stared! I don't think he even blinked!!! "Well?" I asked. Then Matt said,"Well if its a girl I've always been partial to the name Chauntelle, and if it's a boy Liam." I couldn't believe it!!! "What about your band?" I asked. "I can be a rock star Dad." Matt then dashed off to write a song about the baby. I couldn't believe it! A man not freaking out over becoming a Dad so young? He came out of his studio room an hour later. He had wrote a song called Baby Wedding. I screamed out of frustration. This can't be right, those stupid sticks always can make mistakes so I'll just go to the doctor! I told Matt, and grabbed the car keys.

I rushed to the doctors and took the test and awaited my results. As I flipped through a magazine, well none other then Amanda walks in, pale as a ghost! She didn't see me, and made her way to the desk, where the secretary whispered. "Oh my God, is she pregnant too?" I thought to myself. "NOOOO" Emily screamed. "I can't be pregnant, I'm a bride to be!!" She glanced over and saw me staring. I was trying not to laugh. Then my results were in... "Negative"

YESSSSSSSS!!! Amanda's jaw dropped and I left her like that.

Fast Forward 7 months later.

The weddings of Emily and Amanda was next week. After Emily's pregnancy scare and Amanda's miscarriage, they realized it they are so alike and they should have a joint wedding. Everyone was looking forward to it, however no one expected cousin Billy Bob to show up with his new male partner. Who knew that he was gay???

Emily glanced up and down the hallway of the chapel and pulled her head back into the dressing room. Why had she agreed to wear matching dresses? That was a seriously emotional decision. Regrettably, she puffed the skirt as she stared in the mirror she was sharing with Amanda. Thankfully they had at least opted for separate hairstyles. Emily's was red and pulled up half way and had a feeling of summer about it, while Amanda had her blond hair pulled into a chic chignon. They looked at each other and opened their mouths to speak. Embarrassed, Emily conceded, "You first" "It looks better on you," Emily snorted, suddenly bursting into tears while pulling a bottle of mace from her Lulu Guinness pink leather purse. Amanda screamed and ran behind the mirror. Peeking out she saw Emily poised and ready to attack. "Are you serious? I mean are you actually seriously pointing MACE at me?" She barked. "No," Amanda replied cooly "I'm just...going to... I can't do this! i can't marry Jared! I am in love with Matt, yes, YOUR Matt, he belongs to me!" "He does not! He's mine!" Emily grabbed at Amanda's perfect chignon and yanked it out. "I knew I couldn't trust you!" She gave her a hard shove then another one until she was backed up against a wall. " I knew I couldn't trust you the moment I met you when you..." *BAM!* a loud noise was heard outside their dressing room's door. Amanda and Emily stopped what they were doing and stared at each other in shock.

Jared and Mat walked into the room, Matt grabbed Emily and said, let's get the hell out of here, your friend Emily is a whack job, I have a car waiting outside, we are eloping, I can't wait anymore to be your husband, I love you I love you I love you!

Emily, grinning ear to ear, basically left tracks not even thinking about the fact that she won after all!

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