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Communication Is A Two Way Street

Dear Sugar
I recently tried to reconnect with a guy I used to hang out with. I left a card in his Mom's mailbox telling him to call me. 4 months later, I got a phone call from him stating he just received the card. He seemed very excited and told me he would call me back later. Two weeks passed and still no response. So, I sent a text to the phone he called me from because I thought it was his phone. Well his sister called me back saying that I had a wrong number. To make a long story short I told her that I was trying to get in contact with her brother. She then told me that her brother had lost the card and couldn't find my number. So she told me that she would give him my number. I am so worried that she didn't give him my number. Mainly because she is the one who received the card and didn't give it to him to begin with. I am really confused on what to do.....because I am so close to reconnecting and maybe gaining my friend back. He seemed very excited to hear from me and wanted me to come visit. When he found my card he said he called me as soon as he got it....and I believe him. So what do you suggest I do? Please help me! Confused

Dear Confused
I don't know about this one. Sometimes you've got to fight for the people that you really want. But other times, no matter what you do, people will disappoint you. He strikes me as pretty flaky and his family does too. He doesn't get your card for months and then when he does get it, he calls you, tells you he's going to call you back again and never does. So when you try him again his sister claims he wanted to call you back but lost your number. Your number would have stayed in his phone for a little while and if he was so excited to hear from you he would have called you back sooner. If you guys used to be close, he knows where you live and he can look you or your parents up. I think that you initiated this reconnection but he's not doing his part of trying to keep in touch with you; communication is a two way street. I would advise you to just let it go. But if you can't and you want to give it one last college try, call his house and don't leave your name with anyone else if he's not there. There is the slight chance that his sister is part of the problem so you need to cut her out of this communication triangle ASAP.

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