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Dear Sugar
I am a second year college student and I am having a hard time keeping my concentration in school. I happen to be right in the middle of finals now and I've got three exams this week but I can't stay focused on my work. I'll read a few pages then start watching TV, web surf or listen to music.

Can you please give me some suggestions to help me stayed focused? My brain keeps wondering off to a million other places and I have to prepare for these tests! Do you have any good study tips? Distracted Denise

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Dear Distracted Denise
The first step to buckling down is setting a specific study space that is quiet and has few distractions. Since you are getting side tracked by the TV and the web, try studying in the library or a quite place that does not have Internet access. Also, turn off your cell phone. If you need some background noise, try a coffee shop or a local cafe that has ample space for all of your papers and books.

Setting regular scheduled, short breaks should help as well. Every few hours, change your routine to give your mind a rest. Taking a walk or simply moving away from your study area should also help to clear your head, revive you, and increase your ability to concentrate.

Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising while studying for exams will help your mind think more clearly. Keep your study area clean and in an organized fashion too. This is essential or else you'll waste time straightening up or worse, searching for important notes. Set realistic study goals for yourself and be sure to allow yourself enough time to prepare for your tests. This will help to lower your stress level.

I hope these tips help. Pay attention to your time management and good luck on your exams. Don't forget to set aside time for yourself as well. All work and no play, doesn't make for a balanced mind, body and soul.

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